Prayer to Agrat Bat Mahlet For Aid

A simple prayer I wrote that could be used to ask Agrat Bat Mahlet for assistance in magical work involving curses.

“Daughter of Machaloth, who rides a scorpion beast and casts the most wicked of sorceries in the desert of Igratiel, I call on thy aid”
“Great Mistress of Sorceries, Agrat Bat Mahlet, who whispered magical secrets into the ears of a sage, give an ear to my prayer and assist one who has been wronged”
“Daughter of Illusion, Bringer of Deception, Elder Witch and Demon Queen, Agrat Bat Mahlet, The Roof Dancer with hissing snakes for hair, accept my offerings and come forth!”
“Descend from the sky in your ox-pulled chariot, followed by your legions of dreaded angels of destruction and help me strike down my enemy”