Praise to Agares!

This is an update to my previous post about being ghosted. Thank you to @QueenMustang @kiel @Veil & @meow for the help. Thank you to @meow for the suggestion to contact Agares! I’ll admit, I had very little success with him in my own home, even with a hand drawn seal. However, last night I sat in the meditation room at my gym when it was empty and listened to his enn/an invocation (linked below) and simply asked him to return the person ghosting me. The first thing that I saw when I opted my eyes? Him messaging me. Thank you to Agares!!!

Does anyone know any offerings he may like as a thank you? Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how I should treat this person now that they’ve come back to keep them hooked, I’d love to hear it!


It’s better sometimes to post an update in the original thread. For reference, in case anyone wants a background:


Congrats, glad to hear you got some results! :slight_smile:

In the past he’s asked me for tequila shots, with salt and lemon or lime (“lick, sip, suck”) but he has also requested that I just… cut a wedge of lemon/lime and bite into it/suck out the juice as an offering. So I guess you could try that. Alternatively, some good, general, go-to offerings for entities are things like:

  • Alcohol (wine, spirits) left out as an offering or consumed in his name
  • A cigarette (lighting it and letting it burn out in a “cauldron”/ritual bowl or ashtray
  • A glass of cold water
  • Public praise

I wouldn’t come across as needy or clingy because that may push this person away again. I would just treat them the same way you would want them to treat you. Respect, dignity, & fix whatever the issue was that caused you two to breakdown in the first place.

Great job in connecting with Agares. I called on them to help me with someone and when I asked for a sign, the picture that I printed out for the target printed again on its own, out of nowhere. It was weird. As far as offerings, I just offered public praise.