Praise for Salas'ash - Succesful!

Hi Everyone,

This is my Public Praise, Thanks, Appreciation and Gratitude for Salas’ash.

I highly recommed working with him.

He delivers extremely FAST in a matter of Days!!!

I did the Ritual last sunday and completly forgot about it. Today i got a large amount of unexpected money cash + in my account!!!

I immediately thought about my request to Salas’ash.

So here is my Public Praise for him you can count on him he is the Man!!!

In addition to this Praise i am giving Salas’ash the offerings in the picture to show my respect.

Hail Salas’ash


Hell yeah, Azazels lords are beasts! Good job!

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I’ll hand this to you…you give the most yummy looking offerings on the forum


Haha thanks bro you are the first to notice :smile:

I like to put my best effort in making them happy also and showing my appreciation.

I think i had an inspiration from Emperor Lucifer to start a business.

I just sat with Salas’ash and saw in my mind what is missing and what steps i need to take.

After i complete that i will invoke Salas’ash again for the next phase.

I will keep u guys updated how it goes.

Perhaps more members will invoke Salas’ash and achieve great results also.


can you please tell me how the Ritual goes (like Step to Step Guide) and what is needed for it? I am only asking cus I am in need of Money to pay off my Depth and making my Drivinglicence for Car (I only have it for Motorbikes).

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