Praise for Salas'ash - Succesful!

Hi Everyone,

This is my Public Praise, Thanks, Appreciation and Gratitude for Salas’ash.

I highly recommed working with him.

He delivers extremely FAST in a matter of Days!!!

I did the Ritual last sunday and completly forgot about it. Today i got a large amount of unexpected money cash + in my account!!!

I immediately thought about my request to Salas’ash.

So here is my Public Praise for him you can count on him he is the Man!!!

In addition to this Praise i am giving Salas’ash the offerings in the picture to show my respect.

Hail Salas’ash


Hell yeah, Azazels lords are beasts! Good job!

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I’ll hand this to you…you give the most yummy looking offerings on the forum


Haha thanks bro you are the first to notice :smile:

I like to put my best effort in making them happy also and showing my appreciation.

I think i had an inspiration from Emperor Lucifer to start a business.

I just sat with Salas’ash and saw in my mind what is missing and what steps i need to take.

After i complete that i will invoke Salas’ash again for the next phase.

I will keep u guys updated how it goes.

Perhaps more members will invoke Salas’ash and achieve great results also.


Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

Great news again!!! Praise to Salas’ash !!!

He is soooo amazing, hard working, powerful and
superrrrr fasttttt!!!

He brought me 3 customers already and 818 Euros!!! Wowwwww i am mind blown by how powerful Salas’ash is and how fast he brings results.

As a thank you, i have given him a Johnny Walker Gold Reserve Bottle of Whiskey, Lamb, Chicken and Beef sandwiches, Cigarette, my Blood and icecream

Praise, love, respect, appreciation, Public recognition for the Great and Powerful Salas’ ash


great going, you aren’t playing around with the offerings. Quick question though how long do you leave the offerings out?

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Hi there

I leave the offerings for 3 days.

But i will be refilling a new glass of whiskey every day untill the bottle is finished.

I am suddenly more closer to Salas’ash i can hear him in my mind and i see he can move my arm and fingers. I just did a session of automatic writing with him and it was just awesome no way i was writing the things written.

Praise to Salas’ash i recommend him to everyone.

He wrote how i should get more money it was defininatly his idea i could not have come up with on my own.

He also told me that i need to open more ways for him to bring me money and not be by shy in raising my prices or asking for money.

He deverses the best offerings really he is just amazing.


Here i am again :slight_smile:

More offerings i am just amazed by Salas’ash.

I made a request today on behalf of a co worker for a sum of money.

I will keep u updated when it manifests which it will i have no doubt at all.

Praise and hail Salas’ash


I’ve had success with Salas’ash as well. He brought me a promotion a couple of years ago just a couple of days after calling upon him. Suhn’Tol’Ock is also great when it comes to making money and building an empire. I’ve had great multiple successes with him as well in the last few months. He’s given me a raise and brought attention to the company that I’m currently working for that people wanted to be paid weekly instead of bi-weekly. Which puts a little more money in our pocket and less taxes out even though the difference is minimal at best, but more money is still more money.


Bro thanks for having my back i appreciate you alot!


Pizza Time!!!

While driving home today i saw an image in my mind of Pizza with Raw Meat.

I just knew it was Salas’ash showing me what he likes.

So here are more offerings i made today

Praise and hail Salas’ash.


Congrats on your success!!! He is really friendly too😀

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Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

I have an update of more succes with Salas’ash.

He again brought me a large sum of money totally out of the blue this week.

I actually had to double check if the amount was deducted or credited to my account because i was not expecting any money i completely forgot about the ritual.

Me and Salas’ash went out for some fun and i offered him to have sex trough me and take all the sexual energy.

Now we are having Dinner as more offering for him and tomorrow the fun continues.

I highly recommend him to everyone he is just sooo amazing and works extremly fast.

Hail and Praise to Salas’ash, what a wonderful companion and friend to have in your life.


You Indian bro?

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A man need not be Indian to enjoy some good Basmati rice!!! :grin:


No Bro but i wanted him to have different kinds of offerings :slight_smile:

Here is the second part of my offerings right now

Praise to Salas’ash what a wonderful friend to have. I forgot the Red wine which i will do tomorrow.


Keep up the good work :grinning:

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Fellows, aren’t you, following THE SUMMONING RITE? from The book of Azazel. What ritual are you using?

You can use any working system of evocation for the entities in the Book of Azazel. It doesn’t have to be the exact method given in the book.