Praise for Salas'ash - Succesful!

Haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I see , thats a good idea , looks really nice :grin:

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Guys i have been having incredible results.

Can anyone hear/see entities very cleary?

If Yes, join me and we can split profits 50/50.

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Can you please share how does one go about making contact with Salas 'Ash. Especially for a begginer like me where do I start, I’m really interested in knowing more about him and I’m hopeful he can help me.

Thank you

You would contact Salas’ash the same way as any other spirit. He is a Nether Lord under Azazel, and you can find his seal and information in EA Koetting’s Book of Azazel.

Edit: I just noticed that, if you scroll up, you will see that the OP posted a picture of his blooded seal., so you can just copy from that, and then use any method of evocation (we have several tutorials here so just type “evocation guide” into the search function) to call him.


Thank you, that was really helpful.

This demon is eating better than me!