Praise be to Emperor Meiji (November 1852 – 30 July 1912)

Praise to his highness Meiji : the former emperor of Japan (November 1852 – 30 July 1912)!

I made 4 requests and he quickly answered them all within a few hours,

He is an amazing deified emperor to work with! Extremly receptive to human needs provided that you are redpectful.

Offerings include: wine , sake , incense , blood, water , fruit and most importantly Public Praise,

I encourage everyone to work with him.



This is very interesting. I’ve heard of people calling people from the past and I know it works, but I never thought about doing.

Do you mind sharing your procedure to call the Emperor so that I can alter and call my personal heroes from the past?

Yes. Maybe I should call a great leader like Malcolm X and/or a sexy chick like Marilyn Monroe.


  1. At the center back a symbol of the entity. Since he’s Japanese I used a traditional ofuda(amulet from the shrine In Japan).

  2. An offering plate I bought in China town to put something culturally relevant and that the person may appreciate in life in front of the image.

  3. a bowl of incense . Since he’s Japanese and an emperor I gave him franckincenss and myrrh to correspond with the rank as per the goetia. That goes in front of the image either side by side with the offering plate or in front of the offering plate.

  4. Some kind of sltar cloth (he’s Japanese so red).

  5. Water cup to my left of the main image or ofuda

  6. Moments from his shrine in Japan.

Just do your research and find things that bring the being to mind to help you connect and it to connect.

Look up pop culture magick by Taylor to for you some idea of how this person works with super hero’s from comic books!