Practice magick with high fever

I have high fever so I have not performed my daily practice of magick. I want to hear you experience with high fever and practicing magick. Is it wise or unwise. I’m seeking some advice.

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It’s probably a bad idea, unless all you are doing is cleansing.

Magick takes energy, and you want that energy to be smooth and on target. So you may be spending energy you need to get better faster, as well as sending sick and wonky energy into your working.


If you have a high fever focus on yourself and getting better. I agree with @Mulberry and also want to add that you could get sicker by using energy you really can’t spare right now.


It will even increase my symptoms further wouldn’t it?

I don’t think so, I think you’d just stay sick longer. Like if you try to work through it instead of just resting up in bed, and it takes a week to get better as opposed to 2 days.

You body knows how to heal. so get out of your body’s way and let it do it’s thing.

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What happens if I use vampirism?

Nothing, you still have to heal and you still need nutrition and sleep to do it. Your body is a biochemical/biomechanical vessel that needs maintaining, it’s not a pure energy body, so you have to maintain it using the physical processes that are designed to do that.

But will my vamperism weaken or strengthen the healing process?

I don’t believe it will, no. Humans are dirty, pathetic sources of energy, vampirism is more likely to make you sick than help, because it’s a dumb thing to so. Imo. It wouldn’t surprise me if sucking energy off a sick person is why you’re sick.

That was my suspicion in the first place but there is a lot of influenza going on in my local area and my fewer is because of influenza. I doubt that draining human prana itself causes illness nor health. It’s for empowerment of the astral body.

Yes it does exactly that.

I was taught qi therapy and it’s for this exact reason student are taught NEVER to breathe in which removing any qi from another person. It’s imbalanced, as all human qi is imbalanced unless they’re a qigong master, and it will make you imbalanced. If that imbalance manifest as the flu, you will get the flu, if it’s cancer you will get that cancer, if it’s depression guess what… you’ll get depression.

You are what you eat. Eat shitty sources you’ll feel shitty and age and die faster. As a newbie to qigong you should take from the cosmos because it’s clean and abundant and you don’t have the skills to even read when you are taking bad energy. You have no idea who gave you this flu, but if you are vamping people you should.

I have vampirized people many times without getting any problems since I began with this practice for almost a year ago.

Exactly, and did you not pay close attention to the quality of the energy and how it affected you with each one? Every one brought in subtle changes to your system, making you a little bit like the other person until you assimilated it. Many of them would have been fighting a cold. So if you got the flu from one of them you would be able to know it, as you felt the energy come in, if you got the energy from someone else you did not vamp you should have known that too. Vamping is nothing more than energy working

I do not pay so much attention because I use the drained energy to offerings and to empower the Ego. That’s why I use my sola plexus chakra in the working.

A little opdate. I found out through my divination (which have around 95% accuracy) that I did not got the flu because of the person I drained. It appears that I already had it. My guess is when I vamped it accelerated my body’s natural self-health process because of the energizing which brought the symptoms more to front.

Alrighty then.