Practice from Enki

But how About the Hindu pantheon they claim that they’re Trinity God’s are totally omnipotent like Shiva I would like to know if Shiva and some Hindu pantheon of God’s has to do with the mesapotamia pantheon?

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Yes they do, they have connection a lot of people equate Vishnu with Enki but from my personal experience I’ve never seen him as Vishnu I’ve seen him as Shiva, hence the serpent and he’s called the adi yogi, the first mystic…

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I see, maybe they have the same qualities and I guess they look so same on some extent.

I just wanna climb up back to what you have supposedly told regards to attaining the 3 Godlike power through meditation holds the feasibility to embody the macrocosm and create a universe as a God ? I mean are we meant to take it literally as creating a tangible universe itself ?

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You already are a universe… you can create your own dimension, your own reality.

The universe was pure darkness before manifest reality… you are the same, you live in darkness and chaos until you tap into that divine spark. You essentially split from yourself, light becomes darkness, just as set the primal force within man and the melanin which is Osiris get crucified by the primal force, it pushes it up to the pineal gland to activate the Christ consciousness and the all seeing eye. That’s why the eye of god is depicted a lot in esoteric teachings because the eye is omniscient, omniscient but what most people do not know is that is is also omnipotent because the eye also has the ability to create as it observes which is where the magick happens.

The Godspark occurs in the pineal gland because it is the seat of the soul, the throne of divine consciousness. In the meditation you basically are basically aware that you are God incarnate in this human body. The more you keep that awareness you attune yourself to that consciousness, this stimulates the Christ energy, and unlocks the 3 godlike powers


Darkness becomes light*********


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Thanks a lot to your explanation I’ve definitely learn from your own perspective basically your one of my favorite members here I’m always intrigued to much of your thread it’s fascinating for me to know how greater your knowledge on this thing could be


I agree. I think in another thread he said he considering submitting written work to become a BALG author. Hopefully that happens.


He’s own perspective are truly rational I hope he may use to be an author on balg I wanna read his wider perspective on occultism

Another thing which astounds me are his own technique to evoke a spirit it’s quiet easier for someone to perfeom less elaborated ceremonial preparation and in logical standpoint I am convinced that’s unequivocally has its own foundation to what I have studied so far

It’s a wonderful thing to meet this person here on forum :clap:


@xinclair19 @Daedalus i appreciate the support, you’re too kind.

I’m working on a few written projects that I’d love to submit to BALG. I’m still trying to get Enki on board to write a book with me but I have other projects that I can submit that will have similar impact for sure. I appreciate it, as an isolated mage I sometimes forget other people may want to know what I know :joy:


Yeah i definitly want to know what you know. Your one of my fav users on this forum aswell


Yep. For someone who doesn’t like humans all too much (which I can definitely understand), you sure are well loved! Lol

Also you just go for the jugular man… you seem to be focusing more on direct magick, and that appeals to some of us.

And heck, I found you via your mushroom post, but had been wanting to contact Enki for some time… and it turned out you were into that, too!

Sometimes you run into others on the beach surfing similar waves, I guess. Cosmic waves, in this case! Very cool! Very cool, indeed.

Thank you for all you choose to share. :pray:


I appreciate it! Yeah I’ll be honest I don’t really like humans that much, including human magicians, it’s weird too, like I’ve legit shapeshifted in front of people, my moms side of the fam is not human lol, and yet they would insist I need to follow traditional magick and read 100 books etc.

I have hard time relating to a lot of humans, and most people on here think I’m claiming to be superior by addressing myself as something that’s not human but that’s quite literally what it is, it’s not my fault nobody has met someone that’s hybrid and knows something different that’s potentially more practical. I don’t claim to be superior, humans are just too prideful can’t accept the idea there is something beyond themselves.

Even among spiritual people I’m considered a weirdo or a demon… hence like I said I have such strange thoughts on humans, Enki is one those spirits that’s helped me become more of an example for humanity and to view them as children which makes things much easier hahaha, he’s definitely on the same page, dragons also like to remind humans that they are still animals and very pompous animals too. Everything that I teach is to help humans evolve from that animal state which seems some of you on here are already on that wave, but most will remain in the Saturnian mental cube matrix, we’re still in early stages of magickal development so I hope what I share can help you guys activate that dormant potential more, and even channel new technologies yourselves🧙🏽‍♂️

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I just did this meditation again, and something really Odd happened.

My third eye and crown started twitching a lot

I couldn’t help but notice there was this subtle matter almost like an ethereal blanket on my crown. The more I tapped into it I became my own observer as I went deeper into it I became the observer beyond the observer which was the Eye of God. I could feel my soul again, I felt so at peace, it was like an ethereal orgasm. My dreams also became more lucid.

Will keep posting experiences


I did the meditation again, I connected to the creator and became it. My psychic senses became so powerful, I was literally being instructed, I could hear very clearly, still working on seeing though but even my clairvoyance became more vivid.

I was shown the Golden Flame, a 14th dimensional flame, the creator wanted me to look into this golden flame I had in my mind, quickly I saw a vampire spirit become bound by it and transcended by the golden flame, it showed me this golden flame can heal fallen DNA, s/he told me to run the flame through my body and then connect into to my pineal gland, I couldn’t help but notice the power of this golden flame and how protected I felt. But it also made me feel like it had a connection to Lucifer, because Lucifer always appeared to be golden to me, I just got that vibe but can’t verify it.

The creator also told me that a lot of people on this forum are illumined souls but their human selves have to catch up to their soul frequency. And s/he told me that this meditation and the golden flame can help with that ascent.

Around the end of it, the voice said… “you made it” as if it was leading me to this or something, it was an odd feeling as though I made it to heaven or something, or found my path of ascent etc.


Thanks for sharing another more experience it’s pretty interesting so far I have been looking for some specific methods to develop my astral senses but the one here you just laid out the golden flame really captures my curiosity

Is this a beginner friendly or this would be to advance level of meditation where it would strengthen the clairvoyance

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I wouldn’t say it’s beginner or advanced, it’ll bring stuff up though, if you don’t know how to do shadow work then I don’t recommend it


Ever since that golden flame meditation my aura has been extremely solid, for the first I’m at the gym I feel unbothered by other peoples energies. It also feels like spiritual armor too, the way I see other people now is strange it’s as if their energy is naked, and I feel like I’m glowing like shiny gold and I feel untouchable honestly, it’s like my energy is finally in its own zone rather than everywhere else

This was a meditation that was recommended to me by one of the most advanced magicians I know and to probably ever walk the earth, I didn’t take him seriously because I liked working with spirits a lot and doing ritual evocations.

After Enki telling me this was the key I was only then convinced that this is the most practical way, the fact even Enki used this meditation is pretty awesome too, one can only imagine what can be achieved by this method.

So it turns out this is the most direct path to ascent, you’re already assuming that you are God, and that you are aware and incarnate as God, and by doing so you cut out concepts like space and time which is what humans are supposed ascend out of in the first place.

I feel like I can get more done by just meditating all day now it’s pretty cool.

I also recommend that people work with the Golden Flame, there’s a primordial energy to it, that’s very healing and beneficial for ascent. I was shown it transcends karma because it is the golden middle pillar that occurs between light and darkness, it is the Christos/Lucifer, the diamond that forms under pressure between the dualities, the golden flame seems to be that Union between the duality, this is my channelling but I am not sure. But it makes sense because you’re unifying man and god, which would explain how Lucifer may tie into this because he’s really centered around self deification and becoming your own God. I can keep on explaining but it’s there’s too much symbolism to explain at the moment that I’m still downloading into my psyche and honestly they all add up with one another


I’ve always felt like the magic traditions we’ve been doing Goetia ect. were ‘dirty’ and limiting. I’ve never done them or any other known rituals to talk to Gods, demons, or Jinn ect. and I have good relationships with them as a result…

My struggle is preventing ego from distorting or even preventing me from receiving certain messages. & I’m not so sure that meditation will prevent that.

I agree with Enki that the Middle Pillar meditation many laugh when I was told how to do it. Mainly because I see the Bible as a sick joke.

Jehovah HATES me so why would I say his name during a meditation lol?

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Please would be kind enough to post the golden flame meditation link.

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Middle Pillar meditation
Please I need a link to the Middle Pillar meditation.