Practical jinn magick questions

first of all i am a fan of corwin i love her books she is an excellent writer.

I’m using the practical genie spellbook. I have listed the rituals that I will do in 2 weeks, but I want to ask:Does casting a spell on the same target every day increase the chance of the spell not working?

so i mean:For example, on Saturday I performed the ritual of causing obsessive thoughts to another person,On Sunday I cast a spell on the same target for sour love and sexual pleasure.

Will different magic attempts I do in a row increase the chances of failure or will it continue to work smoothly?

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I believe Corwin is a man’s name, just so you know… She is a he. :smiley:

No this is fine. You are calling the powers of the Jinn, and they are performing the work. Each day calls a different Jinn King, and often different Jinn as well.

The main thing to be careful off is your preparation in your working of the request and following he ritual. I have found that if you start to get it out of order the King will actually correct you, if he likes you. They seem to appreciate it if you follow protocol correctly.