Powerful lust, obssesion, and love ritual?

Is there a powerful fast acting love/lust/obssesion ritual to cause someone to obsses and desire you and only you? A ritual to make them go crazy with love, lust, and obsession for you and you alone, to be willing to do anything to get you all to them self/regain a committed relationship with you? I need to make her go crazy with love lust and obssesion for me and me alone and drop anyone else off completely. I’d like for her to be unable to focous on anything till she gets me back and then always have me in the back of her mind and be in such a deep love that she has never experienced before. Thanks.




Thanks @Shadowdoctor

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There are a few others on the forum that seems to be worth a read.

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That’s exactly what i want,then i would be the happiest person on the planet

Thanks, do you have personal experience with this ritual? And can you please link me to these other ones you know work? Thanks

What is the difference between you and the Demiurge then?

Please elaborate on what you mean.

Your goal is to have someone desire over you and only you through a spell or a ritual. The goal is great but when achieved through a spell or a ritual without the free will of the person, it feels fake, not real. You will always know that it wasnt achieved by you winning the heart of the desired person but rather controlling the mind and willpower of that person.

Hey if you’re lonely enough it is a fuck-tonne better than being single. Plus you probably wouldn’t get hurt.

I know she has it in her it’s more so to bring it out… she has suppressed how she feels out of hurt not just from our relationship but stuff that happend to her in the past her being loyal probably scares her even though she desires it. I can feel it.

If the love is there, but just suppressed by other manipulation or thoughts, then sometimes a little push or some assistance is required.