Powerful Invocation to King paimon

This is a glimpse of from my upcoming first grimoire that is called “The grimoire of alztazramx: The journey through the kingdoms of king paimon” which it will contain many powerful spirits angels,infernal angels,useful powerful demons and masters of ascend jinn spirits,including a study that i made for king paimon that even king paimon himself confirmed it from me personally and a channeler friend about his true orgins which i had used physic senses and knowladge to find out and the confirmations was after.

Invocation technique to call King Paimon within you.

Sit in a meditative position and focus on your breathing. On inhaling say within you “Paimon” Feel like you are breathing in and out King Paimon’s energy. Visualise the sigil of the King or feel the essence on your root chakra and bring this energy up and down in your chakras. Do this breathing for eleven deep breaths or how many times you feel ok with.

Vibrate “Paimon” as a mantra and feel your chakras being full of King Paimon’s golden light energy. Feel King Paimon’s light and energy into your chakra. Vibrate his name on each chakra three times and lastly vibrate his name six times on your crown chakra.

Visualise that light and energy solidifying in your outer and inner energy body and say:

”King Paimon I invoke thee

Enter my being, enter my breath, enter my bones

Enter my blood, enter my body, enter my mind, enter my flesh

King paimon manifest within me, manifest on the altar of my immortal soul

King paimon, Demonic and infernal King of the infernal empire

I call thee, I invoke thee, Yehtz itz nama’rel nema Paimonious”

And then just feel him inside of you. This a very good invocation to him and it will make you have a great connection with him.


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Forgive me for asking, but can King Paimon help in finances and money getting issues?

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