Start working with King Paimon

Hi everyone,

I’m very sorry that I was that inactive the past time, but now I’m gonna change it again.

Well, I’m going to start working with King Paimon, because I’m attracted to him since a very long time and now I’m going to make my wish true.

I wanted to ask if someone can review my preparings and if he has any special favors, because I wanna make everything perfect for him, as he deserves it.

There is no Mountain Dew in Austria, so I’ve chosen to offer him Red Wine - is that fine? And additionally to that some tobacco, because I read that he adores that too.

My second enquiry to the glory BALG-community is if there’s any special incense he’s into? Regarding your own experiences, because I read different suggestions.

As I said I wanna make and prepare everything perfectly for him, because since I’m active here he’s totally my #1 and I wanna show him that in every way.

And if there are any other special suggestions, I’d be very happy and thankful if you’d share them with me.

Thanks in advance and good night - because it’s 2:45am in Austria now!



Hi, ive found King Paimon loves objects from different cultures. Souvenirs if you will.

This may be due to his connection with Ruda, a spirit who protected travelers.

King Paimon is very proud, but he is VERY agreeable. As long as he doesn’t look down on you as some sort of idiot, he will work with you.


Many thanks for your response. I better answer to your posting than stepping to bed right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. I guess you mean some very personal objects from my own culture? Because I think that it mean much more if it’s something that comes directly from you and represents your culture than any random cultural souvenir.

  2. Yeah and he has every right of all worlds to be proud as HELL and I’m gonna treat him this way - of course.



Frankincense is an incense that is associated with King Paimon and i believe any offering you make to him from your heart with lots of thought and admiration will be received with great apperication


He likes franken incense and red wine I’d perfectly fine he is a Wonder to talk to if he isn’t being standoffish but he does great things I’m looking forward to hearing an update from you and your progress


I think this will help: How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide

This is actually perfect!

True! That’s a great offering indeed!

Yes and not just King Paimon.


Thanks for all of your replies and suggestions, especially to @Manosman as I’ve already know you. :hugs:

I’ll carry all your suggestions near to my heart and will use them as best as I can.

And of course I’ll update you here regarding the progress!

Wish you all a good day. :slightly_smiling_face:


The best advice I can give you is to just do whatever, as long as you do it by heart. King Paimon adores that!


Some Austrian specialities maybe? We have lots of good food and drinks. Not sure what he likes. A traditional cooked meal? :grin:
I’m also from Austria :sweat_smile: but live in the UK.
Servus :raising_hand_woman:


That would also be good. He’s into good food, as long as it’s well made and of course, top quality. That gives a lot of energy. And of course, the efford you put at it makes it all the more special!


Eiernockerl mit grünem Salat vielleicht. :wink:

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i am writing a book about him,i can send or post some exercises to deeply connect with him if you want.


For sure! I’d really appreciate that!

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here it is :slight_smile: Powerful Invocation to King paimon


yeah i really think that he would appreacate it better than mountain dew to be honest.

you could set up a giant temple full of posters colours and themed for king paimon but the greatest ting thta you can do is having this quentities on yourself.

  • diginity
  • respect
  • pure intention for knowladge

he would take you and learn you everything that you desire king paimon himself said that these three quentitites on yourself will make appealing to him and he will do just anything to teach you.