Powerful Invocation Of Kali Ma and other Hindu Gods I am trying to work with

So I just did a powerful invocation of Kali Ma

First I listened to these every day for months or most every day, Plus sometimes more than once or all night long as I slept.

After a while I felt the connection build.

I also gave blood offerings to her of my own blood a few times.

Then I read this a number a times a day for the past few weeks.

Pracanda -canda-mundayor maha balaika-khandini
hy aneka-runda-munda-yug-rane balika-daini
kvacit tv asakti-karini-rama-vilasa-dayini
mude’stu kalika sada samasta-papa-harini

Then I took off my mali beads and stared at her statue the whole time.
She still wasn’t much of a talker but if I got detracted and looked slightly away and she was like:
Don’t break eye contact. So I tried to avoid that.

Oh I did a “Om krim Kali kayai Namaha” chant for the entire mali beads. These mali beads are over 108 like 130 or so. Half way through I started blacking out a little and coming back in like waves.

Then I sat and meditated on my situation, she sounds like she feels there is something suspicious about this whole abyss crossing thing that i seem to be getting set up to do, I thought I felt, but she slapped me in the face in my third eye as though to say don’t be afraid.

Then I allowed my blood to touch her her hand on the statue and when I got it touch just right I felt a powerful energy jolt.

That was my first serious attempt at an invocation evocation of Kali ma.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about it and get a sense what to do if you haven’t done this your self.

I also like building a connection to these other Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon.
Radha and Krishna,

Radha the wife of Krishna, the first I ever made contact with, she is surprisingly more easy to connect with I found and she is so nice and kind and touches my heart. A little more talkative I found.

Vamana, So wonderful, we have talked little but I can feel his presence in my life everyday I do a few mantra’s, he is a wonderful shit disturber and likes to mess with the spirits I work with. I like that cause he likes to show up if he feels I am being tricked or tries to trick me for some sort of good cause.

Mohini Murti is very much the same way only I invoke this really sassy flirty girl into me. I broke out in laughter at the Hindu temple, when I thought to myself I don’t just want to invoke her, I want her to posses my soul. lol.

Garuda and Vishnu. Garuda is the carrier of Vishnu so I like to do mantras for him first. Probably works better to also do Lakshmi mantras too.

Sita Devi- the wife of Rama.

and Surya is great for building a deeper energetic connection with the sun.

I am golf putting my way with them by doing a few mantra several times a day, and it is slowly working with many of them.

When I was at the Hindu temple everyone else knows sanscrit and I’m the only white person so though people are very nice I feel like I come alone. This time I took my Hindu god cards with me and it was like I came with all my best buddies. lol

Anyways I know it is a bit off topic but please check out this post I posted and comment, it is long but I think it will be worth the read and I would really like to get a few people commenting on it to get some input on what they think.
Thanks. :slight_smile:


That sounds about spot on for Kali. Very similar to my experiences early on in working with her years ago. I would use the mantra "Om Hreem Kreem Shreem Kalikaye Namah. Om Kali Ma. Om Maha Kali " (I think I typed that out right. It’s been some time).

Sometimes I would go into complete ecstatic trance repeating the mantras and completely lose myself to the Darkness of Mother Kali.


Oh cool. This was as deep as I have gone so far.
What more can I expect as I go deeper?
Does she talk more? So far it’s mostly just giving me looks, or body language or showing up in my third eye at certain times to give a certain look or a nod-type thing.

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All these mantra’s, I have used in the past - and she always comes, they are actually very powerfull. She actually possessed me during the playing of these mantra’s; moving my body, and when it’s over, huge relief, cleansed and strong feeling.

One time I actually saw her coming (as a pitch black round face, feminine), she looked towards my chest, as in looking into it, and then proceeded to come as usual.

I find her very positive in character, they say she has a soft spot for people who still are child-like as adults.

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