Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Maybe my sex drive? Haha
I was hiking not to long ago to clear my mind.

Hmm thank you so much


Trade anyone?


I’ll trade u.


I’d like to formally ask someone to scan me. I’ve been trying to meditate lately but have felt like something has been keeping me out of the meditative state. Anything and everything you might get from the scan would be very helpful.


Would anyone like to do a scan trade?


Of course. Would you mind going first? So I may silence my internal dialogue?


Okay, no problem.


Sent it via PM


Anyone scan trade?


This is really late, but you are the third person in this thread to tell me I have solar energy.


Hi this is cool, I would like to know how you scan someone. And will somebody please scan me?


@Prophet wanna scan trade?


Anyone trade scan?


I’m up for it




She is a woman is an colorful dress I am near her (belial speaking) I dance with her, she shall call me and I aways will come and bless get her, I want blood and fire for exchange


Is that my reading? @Xag_darklight Belial has been in my thoughts today


Yeah, if you wish deeper I will


What do you mean?

Also I’ll return your scan now


A deeper scan, a more informative