Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Sorry to hear that, hope your doing well.

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First time doing a scan so this might not be very accurate. First I saw a colorful balloon man, this quickly morphed into one of those dancing inflatable tube men that you see in used car lots.

Can I get a scan will trade

I’ll scan. For trade, please scan into my path and its future.

I see a presence within you that calls to you, asking for your help to help yourself. It is a somewhat dark presence.

I see a purple-ish energy inside you, and you seem to harbor potential related to time and the movement of the world.

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please full scan and in exchange I will do .

Ill scan later when I can

anybody wanna scan me? ill scan you back! :smiley:

I’m up for a trade.

Blue light in a dark room, a chair, and in the chair sits a humanoid figure bowed slightly forward as if focused. I see a female figure pacing nearby, protectively. I see a gleaming shield and am forced back.

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Your Scan:

When scanning you I am taken to a beach, it’s night and I can hear the waves crashing then retreating back out into the greater body of water… Off in the horizon I see the moon almost over the water… In the water I hear wails…like some sort of creature crying…eerie. I got the image of intelligent water type beings from within the “sea”. They have scales like fish which are dark grey/silver and reflect the moonlight off of them perfectly. I sense both dark energy and elemental energy from them. The overall ambience is somber and calm.

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Anyone up for a trade? Looking for a more in-depth scan and willing to return one.

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I am seeker of mind

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Sure :slight_smile:

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@Lux_Anguis did you want to trade scans now or tomorrow?

Could we trade scans? Would you mind going first? I’ll return.

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Could anyone offer me a scan please? I’m unable to trade back :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you want a general scan or anything in particular?

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A scan about whether or not I will go back to the occult or what my future will be in relation to magick as a whole.

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Your scan: I’m scanning your relation to Magick as a whole - btw also note, Magick/occult are in the same catagory for me so keep that in mind in the reading I gave.

When scanning you, I see the image of a small man standing in front of earth. Your kinda just suspended in space and the world is in front of you. I notice your size is similar to that of an ant in comparison to the world (if you compare the size of an ant to a human for comparison). I get the feeling of feeling small in the scheme of things/the universe. Maybe even the feeling of not being in control of your direction of life (?).

What I see, is that Magick is a tool for you, kinda of if you imagined a tool case with all the different tools in it, Magick is only one tool out of many you have at your disposal. This is the kind of relationship I see you having with Magick going forward. You will use it when you need to, move on when you don’t need it, and come back when you do. I see that some bonds you make from your time in Magick will stay, and others will go.

I see a natural progression of growth. I think it’ll be healthy once you see yourself as a piece of the whole. Magick is just another piece. I do see angelic-like beings staying in your life – even if it’s just in the background at times. I also see an advancement in technology (I think this symbolically translates to, upgrading your “tools” since technology is quite litterly tools).

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Thank you, now I will give you your scan.

I see a man surrounded by fire, the scan shows a mountain engulfed by fire, with a cave at its bottom face. I see creatures of white around you, they look like elves. I see a blackness, with a dark eye that is very large.

The only message I get is that if you get your affairs in order, you will be able to devote yourself to what you want.

That’s all.