Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Well if it’s accurate then I dont mind at all if u cant tell me :sunglasses:

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Hi! Could anyone scan my chakras? Especially my navel one. Thanks!

Anyone with the time and inclination, I’ll get you back.
Been working hard lately, curious of what others see.

Hi! Any up for a scan trade?

I have a few questions. XD

  1. What is scanning and how do I do it?
  2. Can someone scan me? OwO
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Hi, can anyone please scan, sensing, divination, anything, it feels like things are getting desperate.
Thank you.

Can anyone scan my altar please

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King Paimon loves your altar, and your offerings suffice as well. Umm so you’ve been doubting yourself and his ability to hear you is what he just told me. He’s listening, keep doing what you’re doing and just keep improving astral senses :grin:


Can i have a scan too?

:sob: His highness send His message for me …
Its true, at my first attempt i evoke Him i have clear voice in my mind. But when i tried after that, it seem so blury and hazy, sometime the message come in split second that my mind couldnt record it.

:sob: I almost think that I making King Paimon dissapoint or offend him in anyways. I cant barely open his sigil anymore. But I wont give up, that i told to my self

Thankyou, sir. Thankyou very much

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You aren’t, trust me. He’s a great beginner spirit and he has patience for everyone (unless you wrong him) but you haven’t. All you’ve done is try to attempt, just like practicing, you’ll get there, don’t worry.

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You should also carry a personal journal/book that you can record things in. I carry a leather journal with me everywhere I go just incase one of my entities comes through and delivers a message I can record it before I forget it. The trouble concentrating and the hazy is normal for beginners, you’ll get clearer over time with that, eventually establishing a connection to where you may even physically manifest him or such. But don’t stress, everything that’s happening is normal and you will succeed.

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No no no. Please dont get me wrong, it just coincident that i have this doubt to my ability and i have this urge to reasure my self. I found this thread, and you told what King Paimon said. And its true…

sometime i just dont know it is my mind or the King Himself has spoken. Thank for the scaning and the channelling, I appriciate a lot.

I’ll take the message as advice

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That’s the common misconception that’s found, people doubt themselves in believing him or the subconscious, but they’re connected, you’ve already made that bond whether you realize it or not. Everything that’s coming through to you that you doubt could very possibly be him. I would try an invocation or evocation because you’ve already been doing the sigil/enn technique for him establishing a connection. Sorry if I came off stern or along those lines, I’m automatic writing :grin:

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Anyone want to trade?

should i draw some blood on it

Greetings and blessings to all of you. Any could do a trade scan with me?

I will, I will pm you the details.

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Thank you!

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