Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Scan please

If there is some one that would scan me? :grin: I am learning how to scan so when i start doing so i will help out as mutch i can. :love_you_gesture:

I am learning too. We can trade if you wish.

I don’t know how to scan some one i cant see. Even if i could i don’t know If it works. :blush: If you wan’t you can try to scan me and I will say how good you did. :love_you_gesture:

How do you scan some one you can’t see? :slight_smile:

I believe you can connect through their user name. Here are directions on how to scan. There is good information in this article.

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About a week ago I had my first actual encounter with an entity which I am not sure what it was. Either a demon or a ghost and both a friend and myself felt it. It felt very powerful In the heart chakra and the solar plexus. I am curious as to what this was and I am sort of paranoid that something is following me but I think it may just be paranoia, I do not know. I would really appreciate it if you could somehow tap into my situation or give me your input. Much appreciated, thank you. I’d also like to note, i don’t know if it was trying to instill fear into me or if I was just having a fear reaction as after this incident a new awareness has opened. It seemed to drop off a lot of knowledge. Thanks guys!

Can someone read my aura? I feel like a witch try to do something on me her spirit spoke to me…i will swap


i only feel that she is preparing,its just intention doing the prepotory work before the energy itself
she is preparing…for what? i feel manipulation or something esle.

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Would anyone like to trade?

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can you scan me?

I can see purple aura i feel intense your 3rd eye you try to empower it…sallos is with you?

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its intense yes but its very different i feel it beneath skull ,its a very werid for me

and lately just recently i thought about my love matters,maybe sallos was there with me,like he came for help,i didnt realise it until you told,but i am too exhausted in all matters,but i must awake my restless discplince

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Anyone wanna scan me? :relaxed:

Hello people, I have been having recurring dreams of these sigils! Does anyone recognise or have information about them? Or were I can find out about them? Any help would be appreciated.

When it works my scans are just assorted flashes of imagery. Smells and sounds. Nothing nearly as coherent as others in this thread, but here goes.

Smells of birch and wet clay, mild sweetness from somewhere.
Sounds of maybe a hammer hitting something? Not an anvil but definitely something metal.
Images of cats, a small canoe, broken branches and fog.

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anyone scan trade?

Rot. Meat maybe. Fear sweat. Metal.
Flashes of stones, blood, teeth, various teeth.
Extremely low register growling? Maybe just labored breathing of something big. Too big.


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Scan me :grin:

Wow, accurate af. I believe you have seen where I live!!!

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