Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Well hek, could it be that Sitri might actually have influenced my birth? Or is related to the incubus I am married to?

I wasn’t trying to read to much into it…but yeah perhaps. Either that or the incubus is related to him and he’s like a grandfather…odd though. Maybe you outta call him up sometime and find out :slight_smile:

The Incubus im with is a son of Lilith but never told me who his father is, so its possible. I can just outright ask him though xD

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It’s a distinct possibility. Or uncle. Or something. Just related is the feeling I got, but “sire” seems direct…

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Do you mind scanning first then I’ll return?

thankyou, i appreciate your time and effort

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Sure, thanks for the scan!

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hello there never did a scan with you , want to trade ? :slight_smile:

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id love to do a trade!

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I’m always up for more trades. This is my main form of clair senses practice :slight_smile:

Cool just started work :slightly_smiling_face: , leave yours and in 8 hrs îl post mine :stuck_out_tongue:

my roomie had a breakdown, ill have to do yours in the morning, I hope that’s ok


Can I get a scan? Will return.

I hope they are ok.

Ok so here what i got :slight_smile: fiat i saw a woman maybe a goddess , maybe you trying to get your attention , big blonde hair looks a bit like Freya stunning , your aura seems strong and healthy , didn’t notice any troubles on your chakras seems fine to me , saw a fairy around you , looked with some butterfly wings :relaxed: ,
You are juggling with something , maybe I’m different areas of your life , concentrating on both of them and you are doing a good job, Ballance attained or i believe something you should focus more on . Seems concentration is the key in your case ,
You are to say worry free and chill usually but you won’t miss a chance if you need to atack or defend yourself .
I like you seems to have balanced energies not too dark but not light either :slight_smile: , a nice feat .

Wanna trade?

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Your quest to self discovery and redefining is going well.


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