Power Numbers Based off your date of birth. Tell me what y'all think?

Dunno, mine comes out at six, which is completely off base for me, This is one of those things where you just play with the numbers until it looks cool and then claim you did that on purpose. Like, my “birth number” is so bad it’s trash, but add my name number to it and I get “spiritual leader”… well that’s lovely isn’t t!? And ego bosting, so I’ll take that thanks lolol :rofl:

I honestly think numerology and gematria are fine as a code cipher as long as you are working with other who also use the same cipher, but it’s not accurate spiritually. It’s more like a parlor game.

It’s interesting as an exercise to think about yourself and come to better know yourself, but I’d caution against letting anyone tell you who you are on something so generic.


The funny thing is it could be very very true especially for you :joy:

Six is Virgo, Mercury, showing strong mercurial energy in you :wink:.