Post Ritual Help

Before I begin, I would like to say, thank you for allowing me to join this great community, I wish you all the best.

Now, lets begin, my name is Nick Newford (fake) and after recently browsing the internet I discovered the world of occult and succubus. My God, was i intrigued. So any curious and naive person, I continued researching for almost 6-7 hours. I learnt how to summon one, and many other things.

I know, I know, a beginner who knows jack shit summoning a succubus? That must be a foolish move right! Well, I was curios and aroused in many many ways. So I said thats it, im doing this.

The Ritual:
Using the letter methods, I attempted to fall asleep but ended up staying awake to 2:30 AM. In chronological order, a candle was lit, a passionate letter detailing everything to Lilith was written, and instead of blood, I well, used semen. Due to this, after masturbation I kinda changed my mind about the ritual, so I begun surfing my phone then after 5 minutes I decided I was going to do it.

I placed the sperm smeared paper over the candle, then in a bowel. Then begun “praying” to lilith, asking her to accept my plea. Then I meditated (not experienced) for 20 minutes. Felt nothing. Turned off the candle and went to bed.

Post Ritual:
This is where things get a little interesting, after sleeping for about 5 hours, I awoke at 10 AM, still being tired I went back to sleep. However! I fell into sleep paralysis! I have experienced sleep paralysis more times than i can count (sleeping in, change in sleeping pattern) but this was different!

I felt my stomach tingling, a vibration in my abdominal, like she was there touching me, and my right ear, I could hear a instinctive sound, but a beautiful female voice talking to me, I couldn’t make out the words, but it must have been her! Was it?! Due to my experience of sleep paralysis (about 200 times honestly) I knew how to break it, I wiggled my toes and woke up.

It felt pleasurable, happy. But now, I feel empty, lost, like something is missing.

She was there, she contacted me and did not hurt me, now, I need to do the same back.

This is where you lovely people come in, i need to know how to strengthen our connection, what meditation, lucid dreaming (I have done lucid dreaming before, was greatest it) I want to hear her, know her name.

Does anyone else feel this way? After such an experience? Like you met a girl at a restaraunt, and talked and you really liked her, buy never got her name or phone number.

I would really love your help, and please no hate. Any input is appreciated! And if anyone is willing to be my mentor or guiding figure in this new world,please come forward.

All the best, stay blessed.

When I look back in the past few wear i have had occasions where I have been kinda sleeping and awake but getting sexually pleased by nothing, I could just feel it. Happened multiple timed.

One more thing, a few days before this i witness the blood moon in Australia, and wait, saw a red meteor im the sky. Could this mean something?

I dont want to get deep into magic, just things like meditation and lucid dreaming maybe a bit more.

Hope you know once Daemons like you they wont let you leave the occult :joy:
And i see Lilith as taken an interest in you.


Really? Well, I feel appreciated. So how can I communicate and strengthen the relationship with her, the succubus that is. Abd why do you think lilith has taken an interest in me, I would really appreciate some help

A lot of reasons actually perhaps you and her are similar in personality
Or she likes your soul (not in the sense of she wants to eat it no no lol but that your spirit gives off a pleasant energy)
I’ll get back to you in a bit on how to communicate.

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Thank you, I appreciate it. I hope she doesent eat mu soul :joy:.

Do you think seeing the meteor on the night of the blood moon has anything to do with this?

Did the meteor fly through the moon like it went in front of it?

I was looking at the moon, fully red, I turned around 45 Degrees away from it an in a split second i saw and long red meteor burn up in the atmosphere. If I turned around 0.1 seconds slower or faster I would have missed it.

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If I were around 10 kilometres behind my position i was at, I would habe perceived it as being in front of the moon.

Could represent Intervention of some kind of force
perhaps Lilith.

The colour of the meteor usually resembles its chemical composition. It was Red, or Orange.

Red being Nitrigen/Oxygen
Orange being Sodium

Do these elements have any significance it the occult world?

Or, it was probably just a meteor who knows.

Don’t over complicate or overthink things with the occult that causes problems.
I get the intuitive feeling this meteor is an omen of the intervention of a force.

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Yes, the night of the blood moon, a red meteor, days later i discover this world I never knew existed. I have always been a philisophical person looking for answers.

Anyway, when ever you are able to teach me how to contact the succubus and strengthen the bond feel free I appreciate your help :grin:

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The earth is going through a lot of changes my friend and that includes the minds of the inhabitants.

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Hmm, what changes?

This planet has been enslaved by dogma and religious propaganda limiting our power and potential and the Gods that first came to man who were forced out by the religions of this planet are coming back and with a boom.


Enjoy the ride.


Wow, interesting.

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