Possible successful contact with a succubus

hi, i think that last night i successfully contact with a sucubbus, before sleeping i decide to hear a incarnation for succubus, after 35 minutes i start to feel a cold breeze on my face, and some sensation of someone sitting and moving on my lap, also i feel a breeze on my ear if someone was beathing.
so my question is if some succubus can manifest on that way and if someone may have a similar experience


Yes it can, and it may be how a succubus will manifest most often during the first contact or shortly after. Subtle things like you mentioned.

However, remember, this is not enough to know if it truely is a succubus. It could be any other kind of spirit.

Did you had anything else happening?

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there moments when i feel a cold breeze on my hands,face, and this morning i lelt like 40 minutes a cold breeze on my feet

Is this your first of that type? Or your first contact with spirits and their manifestations alltogether?


If you may allow, I would advice to take it slowly. Don’t jump head in into sex with that entity, before you don’t get to know a little bit more about it. You’re opening up your energy field to it, if you do.

And tread carefully.

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ok, so i must know at least te name of the entity?

Well… it’s not just the name. An entity can be lying to you who they are. If one wants to be really sure, it takes a lot more, like learning to discern and such. And this requires time and experience.

Do you have any protection in place? It’s often overseen, but it’s very important.

If things go wrong, in the lightest case you may have your energy drained by a parasite, in the worst case scenario you may become possessed or end up with suicidal thoughts.

i have a amethyst pendant.

Very much so, when I first had contact with a succubus. The first night was feeling a tingle of energy starting at my feet and it moved all the way up to my crown. Then, the next night I literally; felt a hand rub my face. Like how lovers would after passionate sex. After that, almost every day I would get stiff when not thinking about anything sexual and started having vivid dreams.

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I rather meant like protective spiris, doing banishing ritual and so on.

You should learn how to protect yourself. How to banish. Don’t just put hopes in some stone.

And remember, trust must be earned. Regarding what you think may be a succubus.

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i know a bashing spell with rue

May I ask, what incantation that was?

was a incarnation that was developed with theta beats

Sounds like those new-modern youtube videos, is that so?

I’m always suspicious of such things… you never know what you will attract (if at all), as they are so unspecific about anything usually.

One of the problem with them is, there are as example no limitations stated with it.

there’s a chat that be effective to contact succubus and only succubus?

What chat? What do you mean?


that’s so intresting, how u recognized ur succubus befor it manifested on ur dreams?

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The dreams didn’t actually start happening until after the presence was felt. Although, I believe it was actually Lilith’s way of calling me.