Has anybody had another magician possess them for any period of time with an entity for the sake of learning initial forms of magick and pathworking through the early stages of magical ascent? If so, what was it like?

Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you Brutus. I was just curious wouldn’t a controlled invocation of the entity yield similar results? I’m sure a full possession would be a much more powerful experience and if that’s what your after my hats off to you.

Thanks anyway WF, I think it is something not many people are interested in or completely comfortable with. I’ll take your suggestion and read up on invocation.

I read an interesting account of someone invoking Aostoth from Evoking Eternity, According to WOD in the section of demonic invocation it states that you agree to a specific amount of time for the demon to reside in you, less than 3 days will only give a partial experience and any more than 7 days runs the risk of possession. Maybe you could try a trial run of invocation to make sure possession is something you’d like to attempt.

Here is the link to the account of Aostoth’s invocation if you interested.

Thanks for that. I have the complete works now and should be up to that part pretty soon. Interesting thread. I may be wrong, but it sounds like invocation is the same as forced possession, which is different from full possession.

I have done a number of invocations, and it feels as if being possessed, but it is not so. You keep control all the way.
Well, that’s my experience.

I invoked the 4 AA’s once, I had did a working and felt some extremely negative force. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I invoked the four AA’s for protection and immediately felt my body start to vibrate and all the negativity leave. I drifted off to sleep and had no more problems. I don’t know if they are still with me…I doubt it as I did not specify a time. I think they did what was asked and left.

4 AA’s??

ArchAngels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Auriel.

Did you use Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram to invoke them?

No it was a spur of the moment act, although I did use the names of God from the LBRP. I had basically attracted some really nasty shit after a baneful working and it got to the point I felt threatened. I woke up one night with a feeling like it was literally going to attack and could feel its presence all around me. I visualized a pillar of light coming down upon me and used one name of God for each Arch Angel. I vibrated the names of each like one would with the LBRP. The oration was basically something like “By the power and authority of YHVH I call and invoke Raphael Arch Angel of the East to protect me and give me strength.” I continued with the other names in a similar fashion. Which each successive one I felt myself vibrating faster or at a higher frequency. When I was done I felt the negative presence leave and it has never returned. I drifted off to sleep feeling my body humming with energy and when I woke up the next morning I felt normal.

The Wandering Fool, could you please tell us some more details about the baneful magick working that atracted that nasty one? Thank you!!

I had someone screw me out of close to 3 grand and cause a big blowout amongst my friends and family. We knew each other well so I got some personal concerns of his ( hair, used chewing gum and a sample of his handwriting) I bound these items up in black rag filled with vandal root, Spanish moss, black and red pepper. I covered all of that in goofer dust and some dead fire ants and tied the bundle up. I wasn’t working with specific entities at the time but would use a catch all term “Spirits of blank I call upon you to aid me in the task of blank”.

For this particular working I called spirits of vengeance, sickness, hate, malice and fear.I would work myself into an infuriated state and belt out my orations (lived alone at the time). My orations went something similar to " Spirits of vengeance, sickness, hate, malice and fear I call upon you for this unholy and wicked act. I set you upon my enemy Bob McDontexist like wolves upon its prey. Attack him with the utmost intensity and may he be the only recipient of these wicked works. Repay his evil with pain, make his suffering intolerable but do not release him from this life." I would say this while at my alter holding the herb bundle and burning black candles. Once the oration was done I sat at the candle and meditated on the flame, I would visualize a dark cloud emanating from me it would take on the form of a bat and wrap itself around my target draining him of energy. I did this every day for about two months which it took about that long for all the dust to settle from the havoc he caused.

When I would complete this task I’d feel drained and would lay down for a nap. Often when I’d wake up I would feel sick as hell like I had the flu but without symptoms. I thought I just had a cold or something for the first week, then I thought it may have been related to the magic. I found out my target had begun suffering debilitating migraines and would often go to the hospital to get painkillers strong enough to dull the pain. This fueled me to keep the workings going, my pain was managed with a couple ibuprofen so I had no qualms about keeping him in misery. When I finally stopped working on him his migraines became less frequent.

Once I stopped the working I would feel a presence around me, it was hard to describe it felt like it wanted to do me harm. I would often wake me up feeling like I was being watched or I would strange bumps and stuff in the darkness. There is really no telling what got called up considering all the negativity I immersed myself in, hell it could have been a thought form I created from the visualizations and once I stopped it wasn’t getting the energy it wanted or it could have been some link between us. It’s the only time I felt ill from a baneful workings.

Is this the technique you always use for banefull workings.
Because I wonder, could it be that it backfired because of your own visualisations?
Maybe you should’ve stopped working on the guy from the moment you send the entities to him.
Imagine hiring somebody to mess somebody up, but meanwhile you keep doing that same job yourself. If I would be the one you hired, I wouldn’t be happy if you kept getting in my way, know what I mean?

Also, it is obvious that you maintain a connection with your target by doing what you did. After all, you watched him being drained of his energy but ended up draining yourself as well.

No it was one of the first Baneful workings I had done. I usually use some kind of rootwork with my workings because that was what I was taught/learned on my own. I wasn’t doing any kind of self defense work back then. Just throwing the curse and watching for results.

I don’t know if it was spirits if I even managed to conjure any at that time it could have been all the negative energy accumulated around me from being so pissed and dealing with all the stuff that happened. I had been helping the guy pay his mortgage, buy food for his family etc. He then went behind my back telling people I was holding shit over his head because he asked how he could repay me and I told him to mow my grass for me for a year, hell I even paid for the gas for him to drive over and do it and I held him to his agreement which he would not fufill but still wanted me to help him. If I’m paying $500-$600 a month to help you out the least you can do is uphold your end of the deal. Anyway I started feeling a dark presence around me once it was all over with. It felt angry and menacing towards me. I honestly was scared to be at home sometimes. After invoking the Archangels it stopped and never returned.

Now I make sure to keep my personal energy up when doing darker works. I do a modified middle pillar or invoke omnipotence exercises as well as using I Am’s Solar Banishing ritual. I don’t doubt I had too strong a link but at the time I thought it was just a consequence to Baneful magick.

Those are the lessons we all go through once we set foot on this path.

Few years ago… after my spouse has left me… I decided to do some voodoo and other magic works on her… it didn’t work… becase (what I know now) I was doing it completely wrong, however…

Once I was like walking anger. It was the saturday, at the morning I went to the work, after which I was walking through the shopping mall… and I had so many anger into myself… that first time in my life, in the mall full of people, I could go just in straight line and I had circle like one meter around me completely out of anybody…

When I went back to home… I was feeling that something is inside… it was the autumn… and my cat… he was doing some strange voice noises… and run out from home after eating… he didn’t wanted to be here any second longer than needed to eat…

During sunday afternoonI realized that I was not only my imagination… I did some banishing and cleaning ritual… and immediately I felt like I was again alone… and my cat back and started to be at home, and his meowing became normal…

And at that day I didn’t do any ritual or anything… I just was full of anger and hate to one girl… but so much that I have never felt inside so much dark power before… so only feeling a lot of dark can bring you something…

And about the angels, can I do invocation for them to send for a particular person which has life problems and is permamently in depression? Mainly by herhelf choices, but however… If they can help why not to use them.