I need help asap

For the last five years my mother has had to suffer with terrible neighbours above her.They constantly keep her awake to four or five in the morning with using their washing machine,hammering and god knows what.When my mother politly asked them if they could not make so much noise after midnight which is reasonable she was verbaly abused by the man and she is afraid of going out of the house unless someone is with her.We have tried getting the council and health enivioment people involved but as my mum is a pensioner of nearly eighty years old they cannot be bothered.Actuall they said they could move my mother anytime to tiny studio flat somewhere so that they do not have to deal with this.I try to be there for her is much as i can for her but i can see this is haveing a terrible effect on her health.She has been to the doctors to get more pills so that she can sleep at night which is not a good thing.I wish these neighbours would move away and leave my mum in peace.She is a kind friendly and decent person and she does not need this in her life.Can anyone tell me on what to do to get rid of these people once and for all.I will try anything.


Why not just accept the council’s help and move her to a different flat? It sounds like her current accommodation isn’t suitable for the elderly and she’d be happier somewhere else.
Have you tried talking to the man yourself? He’d be more likely to listen to another man over a frail pensioner.
Failing that, there’s alot of threads different rituals and demons here on forum. Have a read and pick out one you like.

This stress is not good for her and the duration of 5 years is just awful.
I have learnt it is better to cut my losses sometimes and move for my own sanity and wellbeing, I think she needs peace and security at her age asap.
I would move her and THEN set about screwing them up with Gravedirt on the doorstep and a ritual to bring chaos to them both so they fight and get booted out or worse.
The possibilities are endless then on


Okay first try this guy, he does not like abuse and they are abusing their relative power over her, big time:

If I’m reading you right, the flat she has been offered is not as good but also it fundamentally is not her HOME, at her age she has a right to remain untroubled by these assholes and live her life in the place she has been in for a longer time.

I absolutely HATE people who abuse the elderly, right there with child abuse and animal abuse.

Bear with me, there are other things but that was the first came to mind, I’ll run some searches and see what I can find (that’s not finger-pointing at you to search, I know the relevant terms and recall the posts that exist, you do NOT :+1: )

#1 - I don’t know if you have access to all the materials but this guy is a skilled root worker:

#2 - some hardcore baneful stuff:

#3 - more chilled, and you can do this in your own home and bind them away from your mother, this is probably the least equipment-intensive and dark method but it IS very effective and gives satisfactory results:

#4 - suggestions from a similar thread of a problematic neighbour:

#5 - more from @TheWanderingFool:

THIS is the one I was looking for @Hansen2020, try #6: The Princess and the Pea

Post with any questions about these, I’ll try and help with answers if possible. :+1:


I imagine perhaps Andras and Zagan could be of use in this situation.


Thank you so much Lady Eva.I am going to try the Freeze spell and see how it goes.I can only go to my neighbours door as he and his family lives in the upstairs aprtment so number 6 will be difficult.Just to let people know that my mother has serious health problems since having surgery on her spine.So moving to another house is out of the question and all of her friends live close by.Thanks in advace to all everyone who has replied to this post.


someone created an egregore for a situation like this. you could reuse the same egregore on mothers neighbours. If you know about egregores and know how to use them, let me know if you want to know more about it.


Yes i am interested in an egregore for this situation.Can you explain please.

There is a book Creating Magickal Entities. Search for D’watcher. As it was already created, you just have to charge its sigil and send it on its task.

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Great I will look into it.