Possessing Someone else


I haven’t posted on here in quite a while I’m a 23 year old male and I’ve been desperate for this ability for the longest time. It’s probably impossible but I’d really like the ability to incarnate in another’s body while retaining memories of my previous life. If anyone could switch bodies for me please message me. I’d like to have the ability to switch with a younger vessel.


I am able to reach out and possess someone, puppet and puppeteer style. It’s very tiring and requires a good bit of prep.
I’m not sure about actually switching bodies though. I won’t dismiss it as impossible, just I have no idea how to go about it.

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Trong Jug.

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Trong jug?

The best way I could think about doing that is if you possessed each others bodies in astral projection.

Plus doesn’t E.A. Koettings talk about using possession to live forever using one of his techniques?

The only thing that seems difficult here is that you still have to forfeit all of your memories, even if you manage to do such a thing. I’d rather manage a reincarnation where I keep all of my memories like for instance how Clow Reed/Eriol managed one unintentionally in the card captor sakura series.

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Yes you can just possess a weak body after you die and continue to do so repeatedly after you die or just before you die

I’d like to be able to do so now, is there a way someone can do that via a ring or talisman?

I am unsure, unfortunately

I’m not really sure where to ask so I’m asking here.

I’m really getting tired of the people I currently live with, I’d really like it if I could utilize something like a clow reed style of reincarnation if it exists. People have said that the stronger the soul the more quickly someone gets reincarnated with more of the memories from their previous lives. The weaker the soul the more they tend to want to stay in the afterlife of their own volition.

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If it has to do with the people you live with have you considered other methods such as manipulation and bindings?

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It’s more along the lines of I want to make up for lost time. I want to enact plans that can’t be enacted in this lifetime.

I sincerely believe that my parents kinda screwed me just a little bit.

Look, @DragonHorde … you’re never going to gain this kind of knowledge on a forum. You’re essentially asking for the “Quick and Easy Five Step Guide to Immortality”.

The only way anyone will ever learn this knowledge is from doing a lot of evolutionary work on their own, by going deep within themselves, raising their own evolutionary energy many times over, and connecting directly to the spiritual realms themselves.

That’s always where this kind of knowledge comes from.

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Yeah, that’s the answer I’ve been given as well. I’d like someone to help me embark on this journey however; I wish I could show up at a tibetan monastery and say yo what’s up show me all of your dark arts but sadly I don’t think it works this way.

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No, it does not.

But there is some truth hidden within that story.

You often see the Seeker looking for the monastery, traveling to a strange land, ignored by everyone who he asks for help. They look at him as though he were crazy and distance themselves from him.

And then a stranger points him in the right direction.

He makes his way to the monastery, searching for the path up the mountain, but he finds there is no road. Just the mountain itself.

He struggles and falls, experiencing pain and frustration. He falls and slides back down the mountain a ways. And he comes to a moment where he experiences his darkest moment, a moment of utter despair.

He looks back down the mountain. He has come half-way up the mountain.

He looks up the mountain. He still has half-way to go.

And in this moment, he looks within himself and discovers his Truth.

He accepts his struggle and embraces it. He has chosen to press forward.

In the darkness he climbs and stumbles, ignoring the pain, letting his feelings and frustrations wash through him and then out. He strides forth with purpose for he has made his decision and his strength is renewed.

And as dawn breaks, he climbs the final few steps to the monastery … and the doors open for him.

That’s the journey you’re just starting on. That’s the journey each of us are on when we seek our own evolution.

Embrace it. You’re in the right place.

E.A.'s courses are a wonderful place to start. They are the three fundamental practices that will allow you to establish your own connection with the realms beyond this physical one.

Start with Divination. It’s not exciting and sexy the way the other “godlike powers” are, but starting there will help you develop your first connection with your own intuition. And that’s vital.

Don’t skip the Divination. Seriously. You’ll hold yourself back for years that way. I know I did.

Evocation builds on what you’ve discovered through practicing Divination. It helps you establish your first contact with spirits and to begin receiving instruction from them through personal tutoring. This is often called Personal Gnosis. We use it to refer to first-hand knowledge that we gain through spiritual means rather than the traditional means we are used to in the physical world.

Soul Travel helps you develop your ability to travel to the realms beyond this physical one yourself, through a form of spiritual “flight” for lack of a better term. Astral Projection is an often used term, but we use Soul Travel because it can actually be taken beyond what people think of as Astral Projection.

That’s one path to establishing your own connection. And it’s a good solid path that’s helped many people. I’ve followed it myself for the most part, although we all find ourselves taking little side roads and detours. :slight_smile:

There are other paths. You’ll find them as you begin your journey.

But in the end, what you’ll discover is there is really only Your Path.


Lovely story btw

I do agree, divination is so irreplaceable. It can literally be the difference between life and death in some cases and has saved my ass on several occasions even if it constantly finds it amusing to call me out on my shit (talking to my tarot deck). But anyway its nice to have when you’re stumped and need clarity and in fact some forms of divination can help you get to where you want to go, that is with possession.


I already have the soul travel course but I feel like I need something quicker to prove that the result I want can be done. Is there anyone who would be able to cast that spell for me?

Don’t rush it. Trust me.