Possessed in a different language ? (not demonic tongue )

Have you guys ever been possessed and spoke in a different language before that was not the demonic tongue.

A few days ago I was doing my trance works and practicing taking in different energies within me as Lilith directed and yes it’s just as it sounds.

I was deep in trance and soon felt like my lungs were burning and in my ears I could hear the bump of my heartbeat, suddenly my ritual music changed to one that I hadn’t listened to in months, it was a song for Pomba Gira

Suddenly I started speaking what sounded like a mix of Spanish and Portuguese, bear in mind I neither speak not understand either but it kept coming, bubbling out of me and I wrote it down as soon as I could.

Let’s just say the translation was pretty interesting. There were some curious words in there that were neither Spanish nor Portuguese but the majority of them were.

I’m used to speaking French and some creole with the loa but I mostly understand that and they teach me the words I don’t understand so i’m used to that but i’m not used to being possessed in a modern language almost completely foreign to me.

All thoughts are welcome! @FraterMagni @Lady_Eva @C.Kendall what do you guys think ?


Yes. The spirit was talking to my dog. He said “gohlele”. I believe it means “go down”. My dog laid down.

Also, check your kik.


Thanks for the input ! And I will :slight_smile:


It’s like when one speaks in toungues in church




I’ve been speaking in what a friend calls a dialect of Vulgar Latin. There are a few different beings that I channel regularly, or allow into me for possession… Usually it s Latin.

one of the last times I channeled one of these guys, i was apparently talking about (from my friends translation):

“Talking of the end of the archonic reign and the emergence of the “new world” of the ancient ways
12:12 sync”


I have had this quite a few times where i’ll believe I’m speaking barbarous tongues, when I’d have someone document what I’m saying i’ve heard mixtures of dark staot, inverted Persian, Spanish, mandarin, welsh, Japanese and Arabic.

I believe it’s because when we’re possessed and deep in trance when we just let go our consciousness expands to the point we pick up on knowledge of various languages.

Almost as if when the spirit enters you there’s a slight, expansion of the mind even when possessed the spirit could be allowing you to access your subconscious where you’ve heard these words but never consciously remembered them and they get recycled.

I however do find this interesting and it makes you think about the deeper mechanics of spirit possession.


Yeah it’s interesting seeing as though I have no prior experience with Spanish and nothing with Portuguese.

I find that following this I can vaguely get a sense of understanding when my Spanish or Brazilian friends talk which almost never happens.

It’s the weirdest thing


Whoa. That’s pretty cool. That’s only happened to me twice and not nearly as intense. I once was working with Baron Samedi and he possessed me and I began to babble something that sounded French but I expect it wa actually creole. Since that experience I have better French pronunciation lol. It also happened once when Odin possessed me and I began growling in an angry long dead tongue, that I expect was Indo-European or even Proto-Indo-European. I love hearing about this kind of experience. It’s so reaffirming. Thanks for sharing :heart:


See that is interesting because when I worked with various Jinns and Arabic preislamic gods, when I would hang with my Arab friends.

Various times I told them exactly what they were saying even though I had no knowledge of their language or dialect at all. They’d be shocked and ask “How”. I’d answer with “I could just feel it”. As if your mind translates their conversation without translating the actual words.


Of course :heart::heart:️ Thanks for the validation too !


Yes it’s interesting I find myself still having “side effects” of thinking in some Spanish words/ stumbling into more of the culture .

I’m thinking Pomba Gira wants something to do with me but I have to figure out what. She’s taught me how how to sing her song in perfect Portuguese now. My catholic brazilian friends run for the hills now when I sing it in under my breath

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Same here, at one point I was channelling for a friend, the stuff that came out when entered in Google translate with “detect language” was a mix of mainly eastern European words, oddly they had similar meanings in the context of the channelling, like a word would mean “candle” “pearl” “light” in several different languages.

I guess if you were a total outsider to our reality, you may choose words that seem to mean the same in as many locations as possible, and also, on occasion just pick the word that sounds nicest to you.


I’m not sure if I’ve been possessed, but I’ve caught myself randomly speaking in a non-human tongue unintentionally. I’ve also heard spirits speak their native tongue in my head.

But now that I think about it, I recall my mom telling me that when I was a toddler, I used to “speak gibberish”; I knew how to speak English at that point, but instead I would make these random syllables that sounded like a blend of different languages. Not sure if that one counts; I may have just been mimicking noises I would hear in a crowded area.


This is absolutely fascinating! I love hearing others’ experiences, I’ve seen a young person speaking some other tongue and I know she sees the fairies, so why wouldn’t she know otherworldly tongues? Be blessed eveyone!


@Aluriel Yeah this has happened to me many times, especially when working with Lilith, Hekate & Lamia. I have spoken in Latin, Ukranian, Italian ect… When it happens i try to phonetically write it down or into the computer then try against translator or dictionary and see what meanings appear. As for Pomba gira do you know which one? as they are many? also if you type in pomba gira into youtube there are many brazilian portuguese video’s of people celebrating different ones festival days and they sing the hymn to that specific pomba gira.

I also suggest finding this books as it contains the majority of pomba giras, there signs and hymns.


I’m thinking Pomba Gira Maria Padhila

It was Old Norse, possibly. Only bits of it remained to be learned without help of spirits.

Yeah it’s a common thing. I’ve heard of demonic possessees speaking enochian, sumerian, babylonian, aramaic, vulgate latin (often backwards), olmec, mayan, coptic, and numerous others, many of which have been long dead.

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Maybe this is helpful to you:

It utilizes a form of proto/native base language,
which helps understand all languages we encounter.

however, making notes and google-translate checking them,
also sometimes helps a lot.

Here’s another example,
of me answering a request for translation: