Possess past body, time travel

That’s cool. Could you tell me more about it?

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I’m pretty sure she’s determined to do it.


This is her username Profile - mariya94 - Become A Living God

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Spirits are outside the concept of time. Maybe Someone like King Paimon or Dantalion influence her to do things differently at that time (in the past). IDK if it will affect everyone of us? :wink:




Best answer.


That’s just a meme. That would be like saying,” By the time you become a God, I would severely doubt you would want to use those powers.”

Well then tell that to all the Gods guiding us :joy:


The idea of the calendar merging is…

  1. Intent/purpose. The original idea was to gain more power by traversing time.
  2. The method is meditation and visualization. The person must he able to visualize this clearly, and hold the visualization to the end. Therefore, it might be easier to take it slow, a day, a week etc. Increase over time.
  3. The process is to pick a time where you were most powerful, seeing this calendar flip back through time, then see that date flip to the current date. In effect, merging your past to the present.
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Have you successfully preformed calendar merging?
edit: and if so how effective was it?

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Tell me, why, if you were able to manifest more money than you could spend, live forever and utterly destroy someone with a idle thought, would you want to go back to relive the sucky parts of your life? Because these things are far easier to accomplish than going back to the past as more than an observer.

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Can you send this to my friend mariya Profile - mariya94 - Become A Living God

No they’re not.

Not really, but then again when I tried it, I didn’t or couldn’t meditate for shit.

If EA could go back in time with the knowledge he had now but in the body of his teenage self, he would be far more powerful when he becomes an adult, and he knows it.

If I were given the choice between a million dollars when I’m fourty and the ability to go back in time with the knowledge I have now, I know what I’d choose in a fucking heartbeat.


Not if she can’t PM.

I’ve done this and I always reccomend it. It’s very helpful especially if you have a lot of past regret and negative emotions connected with certain events. You should prepare yourself to face these emotions because they can be painful. But if you can and then forgive your past self for the decisions you made at the time if you are angry at yourself for something it will help. Merge that past self with your present self.

You can ask a spirit to go with you if you have trouble visualising that moment. Or you were too young to remember clearly. For example I have issues with my mom. Lucifer took me back to when I was a baby so I could see myself.

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This might be what you are looking for.


While you can influence the past, I do not believe you can actually possess your past self and “live life over” again.

For one thing, the astral self is not your complete spirit, it is merely one component of it, so astral projecting won’t help.

Another thing, your “future self” would be seen as an invading consciousness and your past self could reject you if you attempted to take over.

Also, astral journeys fade from the mind very quickly if they are not written down. If you possess your past self, you would quickly forget all the knowledge of the future you know. This is one of the reasons why forced possession of a body upon death is considered so dangerous, besides the war you have to wage to eject the current occupant. If retaining future knowledge was easy, then all the Buddha reincarnations wouldn’t have to be retrained by llamas when discovered, but they do.


Can she post for herself please? Asking things for people who have membership is a bit odd, it would be best if she makes her own requests.

Requesting people initiate PMs to someone without that person themselves being involved is also a little bit odd, and could lead to problems.

Cheers! :+1: