Positive binding Spell

I’m looking for suggestions for making a oil for use of binding two or more connecting people with love, companionship, and protection. To be used in multiple bindings for pact making, oaths, and marriages.

Nearly all the binding spells and oils I’ve seen seem to be for use against enemies, solid like to avoid anything like that. Thankyou :revolving_hearts:


How about loosing spells, and the anti-binding that free couples should have to love each other without limitations, as in turn them loose to fucking love each other freely and without outside interference.

Then those binding oils could be useful at binding their hands of those who’d interfere.

And I’m sorry to have to double back on this but it’s worth mentioning that’d also available at artoftheroot.com

There’s a bound to me, stay with me, and several others like this on there.

I think these exist they just tend to be thought of as “love” oils rather than binding oils. You mean binding more like the handfasting concept?

Oils are about the infused herbs and such. If this was me, I would use Cunningham’s encyclopedia of magickal herbs or similar and browse through looking for herbs with the right feeling. There’s many herbal magick books though and you can probably search online for free online compendiums as well, I just like this as an old reference I’ve used for years.

Basil: Prevent infidelity and increase devotion
Lavender: Eternal love and smoothing companionship
Rosemary: increase faithfulness
Spearmint: stable relationship
Fennel : long lasting love
Coriander: stop arguments and fights

But, this is from a European or more British witchery point of view, and I think oils are more voodoo/hoodoo? :thinking: So if you don’t feel like doing a fusion effort, you might prefer a more Southern American or African bent, and you want to look up different spices native to Africa or just more authentic to African spell jars an oils.


It’s not supposed to be a like, "YOUR STUCK WITH ME"type of thing. More of a, while we are in the oath/pact/binding, the oil would provide protection, prosperity and an enhanced connection to each other. Not like chains or anything, think more like, a energetic sanctuary type binding.

It’s supposed to enhance and thrive off of the mutual love and bond already there.


I appreciate the suggestions but I’d rather make it myself.

I’m part commanche & Navajo and my grandfather was north African, so oils just feel like a good way to go with things.

I can definitely get that look, thankyou for the recommendation.

The oil itself is more of a like enhancer of the bond between the ones it’s to be used on.

I think it would be absolutely perfect for handfasting, if it turns out the way I plan