Posion for baneful magick

I need to make a posion for my needles so I can stick them in my doll can anyone help me understand how to make a posion o can dip my pins into ;

Next time you’re in a diner, keep some of the pink sweetener packets, those are poison and water soluble.
Alcohol is poison
Drugstore/grocery store: hydrogen peroxide, iodine, drano, ammonia
Plant poisons: Seeds: lupin, belladona, henbane, datura, deadly nightshade, foxglove - crush the seeds into a paste
Leaves/stems: wisteria, poison ivy, poison oak (wear gloves)


I have golden poppy wolfbane water hemlock castor oil poke weed and the posion ivy oak all available

You could try War Water, I make my own.

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i have some but im wanting actual poison for the doll

what kind though

I understand. I consider War Water a spiritual poison (and physically, I can tell you, I wouldn’t want to drink it, would make you sicker than alcohol).

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i found that the some natives boiled poison ivy and used that to make a poison

Acid vinegar, blood, alcohol, dead insects, castor bean

I just had another thought for you. This is going to expose me for watching far too many crime shows, but recently I’ve been noticing examples of people using Antifreeze as an effective poison. It’s one that is easy to get hold of, without arousing suspicion.
I believe Ethylene glycol is the ‘poison’ in Antifreeze.


Ok, try this - I’m blue skying an experimental thing here so adapt as you feel the need…

Wearing gloves and with intention to bring about energetically and physically out a potent poison, take the hemlock and poison ivy and oak, grind together to a paste.
Add a few drops of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey (this stuff is horrible, do not drink lol) to make a tincture, let it sit three (or [insert magikal number that’s meaningful to you here]) days in an airtight container to leach out all the chemicals it can.
Soak the tips of the needles in this for use.
If you get it in your eyes or on mucous membranes get medical help or call the poison control center. :stuck_out_tongue:


there are local poisons in the woods i have noticed i over think