Poppet Curse

Hello guys , I need your help again. I wanted to perform EA koetting baneful Magick ritual from his black Magick course, in section 7 or 8 in which he stabs the a poppet made of clay. The problem is that I don’t have a place where I can do it outside, is it okay to do it in my house? Does the circle have to be really large? I live in an RV so my circle will not be able to be that big. I also have the materials to perform the curse but None of these implements are consecrated. Is it okay to perform this ritual with items that are not consecrated? Or should I wait until they are consecrated? The rage I feel for my enemies is consuming me and I feel like it is poisoning me, I really want to release it in ritual.

Thank you for your help fellow magicians I really appreciate it.

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Yes you can do it inside snd you don’t need a circle. Poppets are very old low magick witchcraft so adding a high magick circle is kinda… fusion. :slight_smile: I never use one when making poppets or witches ladders either.

I would consecrate the knife naturally: except I call it “enchanting” it.

You don’t need a fancy ceremony, consider what “consecration” MEANS.

So to set it aside and declare it sacred for this use, you can do that in one minute flat.

Take your knife, then, and
A) rinse it under running water (taps are cool) with your intention there being you are washing away all unwanted energy and making it cleansed for magickal purpises.
B) declare it consecrated/enchanted to channel your energy and will. Feel in yourself that this is now your athame, in this moment even if it’s temporary.



Thank you for your advice, I will go ahead and do this because I need to perform the ritual from EA Koettings black Magick course. I feel like releasing the rage will better my life by removing something negative inside of me . Thank you I appreciate your response fellow sorcerer.


By the way I have not done my initiation yet, does that matter? Or should I wait until I do the initiation from EA Koettings course?

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I think it will be fine to do it with the course. Initiated just means getting oriented, and you pretty much already are. :blush:


Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it and It does help me out a lot .


Bane Magic makes a crack in the parallel worlds and very dark spirits arrive that will leave an energy field according to their plane. That signature might bring sickness but not necessarily if you are attuned to the qlipphoth.

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Irony. I’ve just done this enchanted/charged my crutch. I have a knee injury at the moment so I decided to charge up my crutch with healing energy :slight_smile:


I am not really attuned to the Qliphoth because I am a beginner. Will performing this ritual in my home be dangerous? Or bring me sickness?

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