Pomba Gira questions (please respond)

Anyone have a close relationship with pomba Gira? I read that you have to be initiated to even have her work with you for other entities can pose as her. Is this true? How do you get initiated?

No idea. Tried calling on her but don’t think I got anywhere tbh

I do. I’m initiate in umbanda

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You can call a pomba gira on cross-roads, but First you Will need to offer her a offering on the cross-road at midnight


I invoked her to bring my partner back and it was a success without initiation, now i’d like to know how to be initiated?

I’m not sure if you need to be or not it’s just what I’ve also heard. Seems like there’s ppl who got success without it so I suppose I’ll try.

Do you say the whole prayer at the crossroads or just an offering?

Also is that how you get initiated? Do you stay at the crossroads til she answers or just for the offering. Sorry for the spam lol

A Priest need to initiate you a ‘’ pai de santo’’

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I hope someone answers. I had a lot of hope in the prayer and did dp offerings but they remain in my home as I’ve been unable to get to crossroads. I explained this when trying and said once I was reunited with my ex I would place them there but so far no luck and trying other methods

No need to Sorry. For initiation is necessary the magician ( pai de santo) . In the midnight you Will do the offering and do the prayer for what you want. Search in Google for ‘’, oferenda pra pomba gira ‘’

Here, I responded.

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How do you get a priest to do that? Like where would you go?

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Where do you live? Search for umbanda / candomble / quimbanda temple in your city, search in Google maps

I live in San Diego, cali…
although maybe there isn’t any? I’m not finding one

With the prayer and offering at midnight. Is this both done at a crossroads?

If doesnt exist in your city, you Will do the offering at midnight on a crossroad

What you need for the offering is here : https://m.facebook.com/801679429884459/photos/a.802055876513481/1113392725379793/?type=3

If you go all black dressed is better, you can light a cigarette and smoke for her too with the offerings.

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Is there an English version of the link? I tried to copy n paste To translate but it’s not letting me.

PM me i Will Translate for you

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I hope the following approach helps you:
Called Pombagira, Pombogira, Bombogira, Exu-mulher or even Bomobonjira, it is known as the quintessential Female Entity of the Kingdom of Eshu: its Queen.
It is pronounced “Pohm-ba Shira”, this feminine entity that is associated with a huge body of wisdom. His cult is undoubtedly growing in these modern times of rapid communication. He is considered a “hot” and powerful spirit.
Pomba Gira, is not an orixá, nor a Loa, a succubus or an angel; The Lady is totally her own entity. In many ways, she is the female counterpart of Exu as you can see by her Exua title. She is a stately spirit, of great power, strength and presence. She is the great witch, the representation of hidden power within all women. She is a lover of transformation, witchcraft, love, healing and divination, among many, many other things. She is a warrior who loves to shed the blood of her enemies.
When incorporated into your horse, the Pombagira Rainha is almost always pretty, really feminine, kind, elegant, seductive, extremely intelligent, somewhat speculative. He has an incredible clairvoyance, is accurate and always has some advice for those who are suffering for love. He is also very interested in the political and financial causes of humanity, they are in favor of the struggle for ecology and freedom of opinion in all cases. Its nature is born from fire and earth. One of her Pontos (sung invocations) describes her as “having seven husbands.” In essence, no one is her owner. She can also be associated with female “marginal” behavior, such as nonola sexual freedom, rejection of men’s control and Lascivious behavior Its nature can vary from good people to difficult and rigid. It is difficult to define it due to its very nature. Pombagira likes soft drinks: sweet sparkling wines, spirits (preferably mint), sweet ciders and good quality champagne. He prefers long and soft cigarettes (usually smoking with mouthpieces) of good quality and sweet perfumes. He is very attracted to luxury, both in his clothes and in the jewels and furniture of his house.

It should be noted that she can be totally charming and very scary at the same time. She is the best of allies, and also, the worst of the enemies. She represents the “lower soul” and the free woman par excellence. She represents the freedom of oppression and at the same time, slavery. Working with her is inviting her attention, and you can be sure that she will ardently test those who enter her domain to determine if it is worthwhile or not invest your time in them. Those who approach her in a disrespectful manner are often severely punished. One thing that always catches my attention is that she likes to mark her physical mediums (as Exu does), and at every turn or manifestation she always emphasizes that she likes cigars, gin, cachaçha, caba, el anise, cigarettes, roses wide open but without thorns (must be removed), perfumes, apples and red and black colors in general. Another thing to note is that their offerings carry eggs, apples, strawberries, cherries, chocolates, perfumes, combs, mirrors, always keeping in mind that you love flowers (especially open roses). as well as the rice cooked with rose petals and ameixas (dried fruits: plums, figs, apricots). She is very fine and delicate, always has good advice to give and life lessons to teach; He loves to listen to our problems and is always finding a solution. It is associated with dangerous places, the boundaries or the margins of different areas, such as cemeteries, forests, riverbanks, crossings and the ocean. People often approach him at T-type crossroads to work with her. There are many types of Pomba Tours:

  • Pomba Tour María Padilla
  • Pomba Tour Cigana
  • Pomba Tour Queen of the 7 Crossroads
  • Pomba Tour María Quiteria
  • Pomba Tour María Mulambo
  • Pomba Tour 7 Sayas
  • Pomba Tour of Praia
  • Pomba Tour of Calunga
  • Pomba Gira das Almas
  • Pomba Tour Menina
  • Pomba Gira do Cruzeiro

Although they have some similarities and behaviors in common, they are different spirits. Most of them are the souls of the dead, witches, sorceresses, gypsies and women of great power. They have their own minds and are living entities. Mrs. Pomba Gira is a complex and powerful entity. “Laroiê Kobá Lebara!” It is your greeting, and I end this contribution by expressing. Sarava, Pomba Tour!