Pomba Gira and men

I tried searching, but kept just coming up with the same results and didn’t quite clarify what I need. I saw one post stating Pomba Gira Maria Padilha will help a male get back a female but that was all I could find, so for starters does anybody know if it’s difficult for a straight male to work with her or if it’s welcome? 1 account of it isn’t entirely convincing by itself.

Second, for the ritual itself. I read to recite her prayer for 7 days but does that mean perform ritual with offering for 7 days? Or make your offering first and leave it at the crossroads then every night after recite her prayer to red candle?

I’ve looked over posts and went on other websites and just find contradicting or very vague explanation. Only solid info I found was her prayer, what she likes as offering and to make offer before you ask for her help. And what I need help with isn’t to harm anybody or for money so I think she may be able to but I want to do it correctly with respect.



it depends, where are you from? What country?

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United States. East Coast

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Pomba-Gira isn’t only one specific entity but a “category” of deity. You have Pomba-Gira Maria Padilha, Maria Navalha, Cigana and a lot of them. When you call Pomba-Gira, you’re calling the only one that suits your situation more (unless you call them specifically by their names). They’re more “mundane” spirits so they tend to work with our desires, even then becoming egoistic at some point.

So it’ll serve for a male since Pomba-Gira works with love in general.

About it’ll be more difficult or not well, it depends on your connection with the entity. She’ll surely help you to reach an opportunity to get your beloved hearts but Pomba-Gira doesn’t oblige the target. She’ll put your image in her mind, she’ll make her think on you a lot but, in the end, it depends on her will and on your attention to get the opportunity when it comes. Pomba-Gira will be mad if you don’t take it so that’s another point. Also, you have to do your job on the physical, it’s a “war” so you plan your moves right. And to finish, you’ll ask her to bring the target to you so don’t fuck with everything and let her chase you! Don’t talk with the target until she comes to talk to you!

About the offering, you do it once. You can do two offerings if you want to, the first for asking her to work with you since you never worked with her before, it’ll show respect, but you surely have to do another when you wish is fulfilled.

About the prayer, recite it in front of the red candle daily at the same time.


Thank you, Isamo! Exactly what I was asking for in terms of clarity. For this I read up on Pomba Gira Maria Padilha and for her I am offering res lipstick I bought, a glass of champagne, red nail polish, and I drew out her sigil that I will anoint with rose scented oil and have 7 red candles. I have her prayer written out but for a woman instead.

Only thing I’m still slightly unclear is with the offering and candles. Do I do the entire ritual with offering with 7 candles at once for 7 days or 1 candle per day for 7 days?

Sorry for the questions but this is what I couldn’t find answers to and I do not want to be disrespectful to anything.

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Sorry if I was unclear but you only do two offerings (since you never worked with her before): one on your pledge and another when the result come.

And you don’t need a candle/day. You can use the same until it gets closer to the end, then you use another but you can use one candle/day for the prayer. If the ritual asks for 7 red candles for the offering, then you should use 7 for the offering but the candle in the preaching is about “connection” so you don’t need to use more than one at a time.

Only one question: where did you get her sigil?


I searched online and found several related ones (I’m assuming Pomba Gira as a whole?) and one linked to one relating to Maria Padilha, but from my understanding this also may be several “beings” and not just one. I’m still researching before I do anything but so far what I’ve learned based on Exus and Pomba Gira is Pomba Gira is the whole and the prayer I’ve found in serveral places is directed to the whole, not specifically one of them.

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You found several ones because she doesn’t have one. Which means that all of them are created by people for specific reasons. If you have confidence on the site where you get the sigil, ok, but I believe you don’t.

If you know how to create a sigil then it’s best for you to create one. It’ll be yours and you’ll 100% sure that is Pomba-Gira who will be called. Otherwise, you literally don’t need a sigil to contact her, just call her, feel her presence and then you make your pact. Don’t make use of things that you don’t know.

Again: call Pomba-Gira until you feel her presence, then make your pledge, form a pact (by promising her an offering when she grants you what you want), do this 7-day prayer and forget. Don’t look for the girl, just let Pomba-Gira works. Sometimes, it’ll take time (again, that depends on the will of your girl). Just be patient and wait, don’t search for her or you’ll screw everything since you’ll ask for Pomba-Gira take her back to you. And when she comes to talk with you, do the right moves and take the opportunity. The best advice is to not make yourself a loser, so grow yourself up and make she see you as a great man. Work yourself for that.

Good luck.


Again, thank you for the advice/knowledge. I was iffy about the sigil to begin with because I have read first you don’t need one for her but thought why not anyway…but later on went towards thinking against it then I read your advice to confirm.

Also with the target; we are on speaking terms technically but only speak if she texts me about something she has to. Otherwise I do not chase or contact her because that was her request so she can heal and whatnot. So the not chasing her is already taken care of.

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I believe I successfully summoned Pomba Gira. I used penny divination to ask questions and she confirmed she was there, confirmed my offering sufficed but when I asked if she would grant my request she said probably not (3 tails). I asked if she required more of an offering and she said no, I then asked if she will consider after praying to her for 7 straight nights as my way of showing my dedication and respect and she said yes.

What’s strange is once I was about to conclude the ritual I had asked if she was able to grant my request once I did my part and it was another maybe. So I felt compelled to just ask straight out if my request was going to be fulfilled regardless of who or what helped and I got a straight yes, 4 heads and the first time tonight or ever. I then asked if my request will be granted either way and again 3 heads. I bid farewell and agreed to pray 7 full nights and offer her more of an offering at the end as she requested.


That’s great. She is very powerful, a lot of people pray for her here in Brazil.

But I have one last advice: don’t rush anything. Thrust in her that your wish will be fulfilled. Rest in peace and let it takes the time need. And after you reach your desired outcome, make your offering and always call her to pay some respect, at least once a week. It’s fast and easy and you will be well regarded.

So, good luck, and see ya. Ah, next time you call her, tell about me. Don’t need to be too much specific, she’ll now. :wink:


você é brasileiro?

No, I am not.

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ok so, a pomba-gira will not accept requests from a person who is not a mãe de santo ou a pai de santo, in addition, “pomba-gira” is the name of the spirits group, not the name of the entity itself, as well as exus, angels and demons, he needs the name of the pomba-gira and must be a pai de santo to be able to incorporate it and ask for something.

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Sorry @TheWitch but you’re wrong about the part of “pai de santo” (Babalorixá) or “mãe de santo” (Yalorixá). They’re only guides, mentors, not “the only channel” to the Orixás. Obviously, they have a greater connection with them, in the Candomblé or Umbanda religion they are the most evolved guides, they get possessed with some ease, but ANYONE can request from the Orixás or the Umbanda and Candomblé would not be one of the most well-established religions here in Brazil.

If you can go to a “Terreiro” from the left hand (Exu) and ask for the Yalorixá to incorporate Pomba-Gira and, if you’re lucky, she gets possessed by one of them, then you can ask for the Pomba-Gira directly, the message will be clear as pure water, and you can talk as long as you want. That is the only difference: more direct contact. Otherwise, you can pray for any Orixá from your home, even from your room (except for some Exu since they can bring some negativities with them, then you have to call them outside of your house). Even the Malandros (or Juremeiros) can be called from your room.


Based on my experience last night I believe the Pomba Gira essentially said they may help me if I can prove I’m serious, more or less. I had asked if praying for the 7 days, at a specific time (midnight) and provide my offerings as promised if I could be helped and yes was the response, or at least “most likely.”

Now that it’s the following day I must update my experience with hearing 2 loud knocks on the side table, on the side my ex had slept every night. Nothing was moved or knocked over and nothing on the table could produce the two very audible sounds I heard as I was trying to fall asleep (wasn’t while I was sleeping). And second, I dreamt of a dark haired woman I’ve never seen before but I don’t always recall my dreams so I can’t remember anything else but it was a woman with fair skin and long almost black hair that draped over a bluish shirt? That’s all I remember.


Orixa pomba-gira is a divinity of the sacred umbanda theogony, pomba-gira entity is the one that presents itself in the left-hand gira, it is that it does consultations and does its “trabalhos”, like “orixa-exu” and "entity-exu ", different beings, entity is not the same as divinity. One is a power, another, a spirit that has reached a higher degree. And even if he could communicate with the entity, he would not be sure it’s a pomba-gira, he does not even call a name. Anyway, @spiritofjj if youre feeling that something around, I think in the end, that’s what matters.


Yes, Exu and Pomba-Gira are, in fact, entities from Quimbanda. That I already said.

About calling a name, he said he called Maria Padilha, but let me say that in Umbanda or in Quimbanda (the so called “left hand”) we can’t find any text that dictates what is right or what is wrong, but in all religions that works with effigies, you can call only the name of the effigy and then one specific entity will be designed to your aid.

In the Vila dos Orixas I have seen a lot of people incorporating, becoming possessed by specific entities just by calling their effigy name. That’s very common in fact.

@TheWitch you’re from Brazil? If you’re I would love to talk more in PM.


Gosh! I’m humbled by your knowledge. Thank you for sharing it.