Ever since about a week ago, after I looked at a certain thread regarding poison and poison in magick, I have been coming across the words poison, poisonous, venom, venomous, toxic, etc. far more than what I would in my daily life.

I looked into the Poison Path, Veneficium, etc. And found it quite interesting. However, the two things just feel unrelated to each other.

By now, I’d say that there have been more than 20 references to poison and the like.

Anyway, what do you all think of this? Has this happened to you? What are your thoughts?

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What two things feel unrelated, sorry?

Poisons come mostly from plants.
The Veneficium is a book about poisonous plants, in a magickal context - it’s literally got ‘The Poison Path’ on the cover. Did you read it and find it disappointing, were you looking for something else? I’m confused.


I’ve not read it. There is no reason why I included the word veneficium. Just ignore it.
The things which feel unrelated are the poison path and all of the occurences of poison.

The Poison Path is specifically about plant poisons, not all poisons.

From the blog I linked before:

“The Poison Path is a branch of esoteric or occult herbalism.”

It sounds like a calling, but if it’s not to the poison path maybe it’s to an entity that specialises in poison, pluto, or something else. Some gemstones are highly poisonous, and I consider gems higher consciousnesses tat can also be worked with.

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I considered entities that had to do with poison but I didn’t go into it. Perhaps I will. Maybe someone I come across will stick out.