Poiel angel

Do you have any experience with this angel? Can he really bring fame and wealth? I will be glad for your opinions.


Of course he can. Don’t expect it to be instant though. Poiel deals in the long game.

I have no direct experience with him, but I have had an intuition for some time now that the angel wants something from me.

He’s on my list to work with in depth.


I’m wondering what would be better faster to ask him if he would first help me get a record deal in one major music label And then I would ask him in some time if he would help me with wealth I think it would be a better and faster to get a deal first I sent a songs there and they did not response bastards…

I don’t think either will be “faster.” As I said, Poiel deals in the long game. Your best option, in my opinion, is to tell Poiel what outcome you want, and let him put the pieces together.

In other words, if you want fame and fortune through music, tell him that. When you talk to the angel, you tell him what final outcome you desire, and he will start moving the pieces into place. However, it will not be on your time table but his, which means it will happen when it happens.


Yes so I Tell him If he would help me to get a record deal in Music label and become a famous and financially rich singer because of my talent.I guess it will only be good if I am specific and tell him What exact music label it should be

Are you evoking the angel or using the GOM methods?

I believe @shinri has worked with Poiel, so he might have some advice for you.

I don’t think you should specify what record label. What if it doesn’t want you? Best let the angel find the one that’s best.


JUST sigil opening method

I just started crying I don’t know why, since the morning I have a big depression I don’t know if it’s good at my status today to call Poiel I’m totally unhappy with my life I am for a long time in situation I don’t want to be I want to be happy and do what I love And enjoy and that’s music

I had applied for a job and really wanted to get an interview call so I asked Poiel for help , within 2 hours I got a call not from that job but another one with the same qualities I was looking for and got the job so I would still call it a success!


What method of contact You did With Poiel evocation? How Did You ask him

The sadness you are currently feeling can act as rocket-fuel for your magick. Offer these feelings to the angels, and allow them to be transformed to feelings of joy and gratitude. Be aware that magick amplifies emotions, so if you are feeling depressed in your daily life, your rituals may be fairly intense. By that same token, however, when you transmute your feelings, the joy and gratitude will be equally as potent.

I know this is difficult, but you’ve been posting the same thing here for many days now. It’s important that you let go of negativity to the best of your ability, and commit yourself to living your best life. Now obviously this is much easier said than done, and it will not happen overnight. If you dedicate yourself to doing what you love every day, and are willing to do whatever it takes to build the life of your dreams, then you will pull yourself out of this rut. If that means working a day-job while building your music career on the side, then that is a price well worth paying.

My suggestion would be to hold off on magick until this Thursday. Read the book, make some notes, and prepare to perform the 11 day ritual with your full focus and commitment. Do the magick, trust that it will work, and do your best to let go of desperation. Pretend that your results will manifest a year from now, not any time soon. You are performing this magick with the long-term picture in-mind, and giving the angels the time and space they need to work miracles in your life. If you can release your lust for results and your desperation, you will get where you want to be.


I’ll pm you

the problem is that i don’t know how to be Discovered I want to be a singer i have my songs and i dont know what to do i have my songs on YouTube so i don’t know how to be discovered i don’t have a band i’m worried my friend …What to do what step to do I thought I’d ask Poiel that someone from the music industry Will notice my song on YouTube Something like this

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In a way, it’s actually better that you don’t really know how to be discovered. It’s much better to focus on your desired end result, and then leave much of the “how” up to the magick. You still need to do stuff in the real world, but you’ll be better off by not worrying about it too much and just going with the flow, following your intuition.

Putting yourself on Youtube seems like a good move to me, though I wouldn’t limit your possibilities beyond that. Maybe someone in industry will notice you, maybe you’ll get followers on your own and can set up a patreon or something. Maybe you could get some irl gigs too. Let the angels guide you. This requires no effort on your part, just do what feels right.

You’ve mentioned the band thing a few times as well. If you want a band, then go ahead and manifest one. Poiel can probably help here too.

Be at ease, and you’ll be fine. Do what you can, trust in the magick, and let things happen when and how they will. The process will unfold, and you’ll be where you want to be. Patience will take you a long way.


do I need to do LBRP before I want to contact an angel? Some say I don’t have to when it is contact to angel.

Only if you want to. It’s not required, though you probably should do some sort of banishing to clear the area.

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I Will use this method


you know what i’m thinking about is stupid for asking for fame and money now because i’m out of work in my present situation and i have no money at all and i could ask poiel to get me a job where i would be happy and where i had good money for I can ask him for fame And money later

what gom book does Poiel show up in.

Poiel is one of the Angels of the Shemhamforash.

He can be found in the Gallery’s 72 Angels of Magick. He is also in Demons of Magick; his corresponding demon of the Goetia is Gremory.