PLUTO in AQUARIUS - What it means for all of us

Pluto entered Aquarius March 23rd, 2023 after being in Capricorn since 2008.

In Aquarius, Pluto is “exalted”, meaning it’s influence is the strongest when in that sign.

Since Pluto is the slowest moving (dwarf) planet, it is known to have a generational impact.

Some aspects of Pluto worth noting are:


-Subversive Activity


-Collective shift

I hope this has reached you all well. Knowledge is power, and knowing of the coming destruction, we can be ready to embrace the chaos.


In the interests of peaceful discussions that focus on the magick, can you give us some examples that are not contentious current affairs and likely to derail into non magickal discussion please? I also note destructive events happen all the time and didn’t just start this year because of Pluto in Aquarius, so that seems normal. Politically adjacent content removed.

Maybe talk about how you have personally noticed a sudden increase in this kind of activity in your life, if that’s the case? :thinking:

Personally, I have not, and having fixed some issues that you could call subversion from Feb/Mar, all is calm now. :woman_shrugging: I would guess each persons chart plays a bigger role in how this affects each one as an individual.


Thanks mod

From out of your notes I deeply experience the “Destroy, Erase, Improve” part. With no room for sugarcoating. There is a lot of force going on in that department in my life, probably not really favoured by some of my natal chart positions in addition :smiley: But thank you for your insight, it does resonate.

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Glad it could provide some insight

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Definitely depends on your natal and transit Pluto placements too, but everyone should be feeling it soon enough,metaphysically speaking these are the same energies that were around during the Anglo-French war.

I assume nearly all magicians have a strong pluto and/or mercury (at the very least, for example pluto aspecting mercury allows you to speak to demons easier and is usually an indicator, etc) anyways, I can help you understand yours more in pm if you’d like.