Plural System of Magicians

TL;DR - SUMMARY (Read to the line if you don’t have time)

We’re a plural system: one body, many souls/minds/people (called headmates, but we personally only use that to refer to people, not tulpae, etc). We were born this way. We don’t fit DID. We have no host or “original”, and we’re all equals; no one rules over us in the system. We have separate past life memories (we are not privy to special or secret information, they’re just lives). We believe in a multiverse and many of us come from worlds unlike this one (but we are very much attached to this one). When someone says they’re fronting, that means they’re in control of our body. When they are fronting, they will sign their post with their name. If we don’t sign a post, it means we’re blendy - a bunch of people working together to run the body at once, like right now. When someone isn’t fronting, they go to our innerworld, where we can interact with and see each other. We’re all very different people. We can’t and don’t represent any community, and we can only speak for ourselves and our own experiences. When we say “we”, we refer ONLY to our system and headmates, no one else. We believe we were put together as a system by Source/God/Creator/etc, but that’s about the extent of it. No one can leave or join our system. We’re basically super glued together, and we’re not interested in changing that. We’ve grown accustomed to how we are, and we’re a family.

Every person in our system practices their own kind of magick, so we have a wide variety as we have quite a few headmates. We want to someday help people with our magick, but we badly need to practice and better ourselves before we trust ourselves with that responsibility. We want to truly apply ourselves to magick, and felt we needed the support of a good community like this one (and wanted to support it, too). We want to compare notes, share experiments and results, give and get advice where we can. We especially want to study magick, and it was this post that convinced us to finally join here:

We work by skepticism, but are open-minded and accepting of others. When trying a new type of magick, we experiment carefully before making any decisions about how useful it is, and won’t trust that something will work miraculously on the first try. We also prefer to do our own work, instead of letting others do it for us. We want to learn all we can, in any and every field possible. Our curiosity as a group is insatiable, especially over things that make us uncomfortable or question things.

All we want is to be treated like people; like anyone else here. Since people always ask us what pronoun to use, “They” is fine for literally all of us, as most of our people will probably forget to mention their own gender and some of our names are misleading. Don’t put us on a pedestal, we aren’t special. But please don’t put us down just for being plural, either. We’re no better or worse than anyone else for any reason, we’re just a little different. We don’t want special treatment, other than the common respect given to anyone.

Ask anything you like (no need to be shy!), but you’ll find it helpful to read the full post below before posting questions (not required, ask anyway if you want). Thank you for letting us join, we heard this is an exceptional, accepting community, and we wouldn’t feel comfortable coming out about all this anywhere else.

FULL POST (Read when you have time, if not, ask questions anyway and we’ll just quote bits of it to you, doesn’t bother us)

We’re complicated, so strap in for the long haul.

First off, we’re a plural system. Meaning many minds/souls/people in one physical body. We were born this way, and we personally believe in spiritual, rather than psychological causation of our system, though not all systems are the same way, and we can’t represent plurality in general. We can only speak for ourselves and our own experiences, not for any community as a whole. We function perfectly well as a system, and our characteristics do not match the criteria for DID (we don’t lose time or black out, we weren’t traumatized, etc). We also have no host/“original”, and there is no one in the system who resembles the body, nor does the body belong to any one person in the system. No one in our system has authority over any other, we all live by an agreed upon set of guidelines, and everyone does as they please otherwise.

Everyone in our system, who are called headmates (which is a very broad umbrella term, but we use it to simply mean people, not tulpae and the like), have past-life memories of their own lives, and appear like they did in their past life, with their own past body, in our shared innerworld (where we go when we’re not fronting - fronting being when someone is in control of and driving our shared body).

Every person in the system has their own name, identity, age, gender, race (or species, for the non-humans, of which there are plenty), and whatnot, and would appreciate being treated like a person rather than an imaginary friend. We would all be very grateful to be called by our own names when addressed, for example, instead of just being called “that one headmate” or “hey you”.

There are also metapos in our system (a metapos being someone who discovers a fictional character or real person in this world that eerily resembles the identity and self-image they have had for their entire life; they tend to believe this similarity is an uncomfortable coincidence, but we don’t know for certain). Metapos can also be singlets (people who are not in plural systems), and do not have to be in a system.

We believe we are together in our system for a reason, and that it has to do with God (or Source, or whathaveyou), but we don’t think it’s some earth-shattering purpose or fate, and we don’t know what it is, it’s only a vague feeling. We mostly believe we’re just supposed to help make the world a bit of a better place in what little ways we can. We don’t believe we’re being punished by having to live this life; we just are.

We can’t give answers about other worlds or times; we just don’t know. We believe our past lives have had zero impact on this existence, other than our own disorganized, incomplete memories and our feelings about them. We can’t do anything special, either. Nothing more or less than what anyone else here can do. If anything, we’re probably below average in ability, but we’re working on that.

And no, we can’t take you into our system, nor can our headmates leave. We’re pretty well duct taped together; that wasn’t something we chose, but it is something we’ve accepted. We’ve seriously had people demand we give them our headmates, or demand to become one before! We won’t take kindly to requests of that nature, and we are fiercely protective of our own; we’re a family and won’t take threats against us lightly (you wouldn’t believe the things people have said to us just because we’re plural). If you respect us, we will gladly respect you. Likewise, we will respect you unless you seriously disrespect us.

We’ve believed in a core Creator for as long as we can remember in this life, and believe we had an experience with them/it before starting this life, but we recall no details. In our childhood, our parents started taking us to church and we were Christian for quite a while. We aren’t anymore, and just have our original beliefs, which revolve around a Source/etc, and endless possibilities in the multiverse (if you will). Essentially, any number of deities, spirits and other forces are possible in our group opinion, and we wouldn’t want to judge anyone based on their beliefs or experiences; only on their actions and intentions behind said actions.

We don’t identify with any particular path of magick, as each person in our system (there are a few thousand) have their own interests, passions and natural talents, and so our practice ends up appearing extremely spread out. We’ve been practicing since we were little without realizing it. It wasn’t until ten years ago we figured out it was magick we were doing all along. Church didn’t put as much of a damper on things as you would expect, as we always just said we called on Jesus for energy and aid. Our horizons have expanded considerably since then.

We first discovered we were doing magick thanks to the real vampire community. That is a community for people who are born with the condition of vampirism (different from the magickal practice of vampirism). It isn’t something the person chooses; it’s more like an illness, though no one knows for sure, and more research is needed (but in the works by parts of the community, such as Merticus; search for him and you’ll find his website). This “illness” is characterized by an assortment of physical and mental health issues that are not caused by another diagnosis, and, in particular, the need to consume human energy or blood (depending on the individual) to resolve said health problems, and this being the ONLY thing that treats the symptoms. The condition is referred to as “vampirism” because of this need; these people are not undead or immortal, and they cannot turn other people into vampires. They are also not identifiable by appearance - they don’t have fangs, don’t burn in the sun, etc. Though many are very sensitive to light and may feel healthier at night, and so prefer to be nocturnal when possible, but that isn’t true of all vampires of this type. Most importantly, they aren’t out to harm anyone, and often struggle with their needs and health. The vampire community places extreme value on feeding only on CONSENTING, EDUCATED donors, who are also benefiting from the relationship, and has a habit of exorcising those who would hurt someone just to feed. They put the needs of others above their own needs, in general, and are otherwise just like normal people. Many of them practice magick out of a natural talent for it (not all vampires have this), but others don’t, and their beliefs vary widely, and completely dismissing the existence of magick is common in their community - understand they are constantly flooded with Twilight fans and roleplayers with a very “sparkly” view of things, and so their impression of less-than-studied topics isn’t the best.

All of that being said - it was the vampires with the natural talent for magick who informed us of our own practices, as we also have vampirism (our body does, and so all of our headmates seem to, too), and first became involved in the community out of dire need for our health, despite being extremely skeptical. We had a massive array of health issues, but no matter what doctor and specialist we saw (nearly a hundred in the span of a year), no one could diagnose anything. We started feeding, we started feeling better. We hated it, we still hate it to a degree, but it is what it is. Before anyone asks, no, we will not feed on you. Sorry, but we already have a donor, and this one is very particular about us not grazing on others; we intend to honor that agreement. If it isn’t obvious, we get asked about that an awful lot, too (mostly from people with vampire fetishes, but, no judging).

It seems that because of our vampirism, everyone in our system is capable of naturally sensing energies and auras, and we have a fair degree of empathy that’s given us quite a bit of trouble in the past and has since been carefully contained (sorry if we come off as cold at times, but we suffer if we get too invested in other people), and we can process most any kind of energy, though we only truly benefit from human energy. Negative energy has little or no effect on us. We’re not sure why, but our current theory is that vampires have an energy network built to take in energy, and so can “digest” more types more easily than the average person. While we’re unaffected by “bad” energy, we fall extremely ill if we don’t feed on human energy often enough, but no one here has to worry about that, the most we’ll do is whine about our symptoms now and then. But we mostly just do that in the vampire community.

Perhaps because of our plurality, we are naturals at astral projection and have been doing that for as long as we can remember. That is one way we interact with each other; one person fronting, another projecting. The one fronting will have a decent awareness of the one projecting. Though this isn’t necessary to interact, as we have thoughtsharing - because we share a brain, we can hear the thoughts of all our headmates, whether we like it or not. On that note, don’t tell a secret to one headmate and expect it to not get around the system - we can’t help that, and we can’t hide anything from our headmates. However, we, as a system, don’t have to tell anyone outside of us and can keep secrets just fine in that respect.

Otherwise, as we said, each person in the system has their own path. And that varies immensely. Anything from pyromancy to feeding to taking away nightmares from someone suffering. From communicating with common plants to creating hybridized astral creatures. Absorbing death energy from a sickly person in the hopes of helping them, using energy in psychology, astral lycanthropy, magick cooking for the fae… it all depends on who you’re talking to.

Speaking of, when a specific person posts something, they will tag the end of it with their name.

We won’t now, because at the moment it’s many, many people working together to control the body. We call this “being blendy”; sometimes, when someone asks “who am I talking to?” we might say, “we’re blendy”. That just means a large group, usually of 30 or more, like right now.

Anyway, we’re feeling very driven to improve our magickal skills right now, and as there are so many people in our system, we felt that couldn’t be done without help from an experienced community, but even moreso, we want to study magick and figure out how it truly works, scientifically. We have many questions about it that we want to find the answers to, and to share those answers with others to add to group progress.

We would not have come out about any of the above in another community, but this one came strongly recommended to us as open-minded, accepting and supportive of most any endeavor one would pursue. Know that we’re trusting you with an immense amount and being truly vulnerable with you. Please don’t sting us in response to that.

We also have a goal to one day start a free service to help people with their daily woes, using magick or even just general advice. But we are in dire need of training and practice before we would trust our abilities with that; we want to refine ourselves and truly apply ourselves to magick.

We want to compare notes, share experiments and results, and give advice where we can, and ask for advice when we need it. We want to learn from and teach our peers. We’re immensely grateful for that chance - you truly don’t know how rare that opportunity is for people as strange as us, and we will put our all into this community for that.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we don’t bite, and we’re intensely curious ourselves and will understand that in others. There are no stupid questions, and we will happily clear up anything you may need. We can add an FAQ here over time if anyone wants us to, and a list of headmates as they choose to participate here. It’s perfectly okay to ask to speak to a specific person! The person currently at the front won’t be insulted so long as you’re patient, and the person you’re asking for will be flattered. It’s nice to be wanted, especially when you’re otherwise invisible to everyone.

We’ve been forced to become very open-minded because of our plurality, so if you need someone to talk to about something “strange”, we don’t mind listening. We see our main “purpose” in life as helping people anyway.

Fun fact: We hate mirrors, or seeing our reflection at all, as it doesn’t match anyone in the system.


Welcome to BALG, we’re happy to have you here, my name is Hannah but I go by Rose, nice to meet you all! Im new to BALG and magick as well, I hope we’ll get along good.

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Why thank you! Welcome to you too, then~ Might we ask what sort of magick you’re interested in? It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rose. :slight_smile:

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Right now im interested in the basics, astral projecting, banishing assholes and learning psychic defense to ward off annoying collectors, and jealous fools. Also I want to learn astral shapeshifting, my Native ancestors were called spirit werewolves, its said thats its tied to the bloodline. Im not sure about that but I want to learn how to astral project and shape shift soon.
Also I want to learn how to work with demons and other dieties, to help others and to benefit my family.


Sounds fascinating! Could we ask more about “spirit werewolves”? We’ve heard of concepts like that, but not quite with that term before, and our system has been known to have “symptoms” (not necessarily a bad thing) that could be called similar to that idea. If you want to hear more about that, just ask, but we won’t force it on you, and it’s a bit strange - we’ve never known what to call it, ourselves.

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Im not to sure about the Sprit Werewolves myself, I dont get along with my birth father and as such I dont speak with him or his family. He’s a member of the Mohegan tribe in Norwich CT. My aunt told me we’re spirit werewolves, im unsure if thats do to astral Lycanthropy or just everyone who could astral project choosing to voluntarily shift into a wolf. A seer told me he sensed such astral werewolf and so has a pagan also a supposed astral werewolf(I cant confirm the pagan speaking truth).
If its astral Lycanthropy perhaps an ancestor made a pact with something long ago for it to be passed down in the bloodline, im not sure, another option is they bound a wolf spirit to the bloodline, I hope to astral project myself to find out.

What I was told after transforming astrally your astral senses are enhanced, you become more confident and may have more wolfish personality traits, how much im not sure. It wasnt a topic I wanted to learn about back when I was younger, I thought it was just bull crap. My native family was long ago the tribal warriors on the front lines of physical and spiritual fights.
If you dont mind me asking could you tell me some about this astral Lycanthropy please? If its astral Lycanthropy I would rather learn about it some and not be blindsided completely upon consciously astral projecting for the first time

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Interesting. Thanks for the explanation. The types we’ve heard of before come in two ways: intentional and unintentional. We’ve read about these mostly from myths and legends, but a few were actual criminal cases. Understand we’ll be generalizing here.

The intentional ones were usually on the part of shamans and warriors - inviting in the spirit of a wolf to borrow its power, to let it take over the body, or having the innate ability to spiritually transform into a wolf to become stronger in combat or magick. That sort of thing would generally (from what we read) come down to men acting like savage animals and losing all sense of fear, and therefore being fearsome warriors. Some would also wear animal skins, such as a wolfskin belt, to gain this ability. Whereas shamans, healers and the like would be more likely to invite the spirit in to gain some kind of wisdom or ability to heal or protect.

The unintentional ones came off much more like clinical lycanthropy. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a very poorly understand psychiatric condition that describes someone being convinced they have physically become an animal, and behave like one without realizing it. In recent years (there is very little information on this, unfortunately), it’s been defined as someone having episodes of this - so they go in and out of this mindset, they aren’t stuck in it, and includes people just having the urge to act like an animal, and not necessarily actually acting out on it. It also covers the belief that you are an animal in any way, but the otherkin and therianthropy communities have obviously taken issue with that. No one seems to treat it anymore though, or really care that it happens. Which in our opinion is a good thing; as it’s defined now, it really isn’t harmful.

But we really digressed there, sorry about that. The criminal cases are about “classic” clinical lycanthropy as opposed to the modern definitions. A case here or there about people who are absolutely convinced they have transformed into an animal and act out violently because of it. There was one about a teenage boy who murdered a young girl and cannibalized her because he was completely under the impression he’d become a wolf. He didn’t actually, but we wonder if something could happen to force something so drastic on someone astrally or on their phantom body, if you will, and so change their mentality, too, like how a therian has a mental shift - but more intense. We haven’t the faintest clue what could cause that, though.

Also, don’t take any of our word as law. We aren’t experts, we’re just nerds who read a lot, hahah, and we don’t know if any of this is actually possible or not. But we love to theorize and see if we can find anything reasonable.

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I think this is most likely what my family/ancestors have done, warriors on the front lines of spiritual or physical fights, I have heard that shamans can bind a wolf spirit to the bloodline for such a purpose. Its like a switch gets flipped my aunt told me once, her physical senses were enhanced and some of her abilities.

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Hello @BunchOfMagicians, I’m surprised by everything you said. Well first of all, you are right about the vampyric digestion of energy. When you get good at vampirism you can transmute (digest) energy. You should check VK jehannum blog and videos, he talks about it. Also If I may say, you should read about Billy Mulligan, if you havent. He was the first case of diagnosed DID (I know you dont have the symptoms of DID), and I think all of you could use some of his expierence in your favor. He had aprox 24 personalities, each one of them with different personalities and skills, but they all learned to work together and develope themselves for the good of everyone and the body. It is really interesting.
Well…welcome to the forum and hope to be hearing more of you😊

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Sure, we can tell you about it. Just know this is only our experience with an idea like this, and it might not line up with what you’re thinking. “Astral lycanthropy” is the term we used because we had nothing better, and it might be ill-fitting. We’ve literally never found anyone else who has this experience, and we scoured several communities for information. You’re the first person we’ve spoken to who had any similar idea. We are really going to ramble about our own theories on this, so not all of it will be very relevant to you.

We also thought it was all bullcrap for a long time, but it keeps happening to us regardless. It’s something that’s given us a lot of grief over time because of self doubt, thinking we must be delusional, etc. So bear with us, this isn’t something we accepted lightly or instantly, and it was only in the last year or so that we really started to experiment with it beyond just letting it happen. It’s something we’re still fairly skeptical about, but we can’t deny it happens.

For us, what we mean by “astral lycanthropy” doesn’t happen only when projected. It CAN happen when projected, but it isn’t a requirement for us. So, ever since we were little (even before we knew what a werewolf was), every full moon (yes, the full moon, we know, could it get fluffier? We think not, and we really resent it), we would feel like we were turning into a creature of some kind. The type would depend on who was fronting - the current fronter would be the one affected. We can resist and ignore it, but it makes us antsy and irritable, and fighting it for too many months in a row makes it harder. It feels very much like a phantom shift, but incredibly intense. Any therian can tell you that their shifts are sometimes so strong as to feel like a physical change, and that is how it is for us (though most of us don’t identify as therians).

Basically, for us, it’s an intense phantom and mental shift, but to something that we otherwise don’t identify as. The difference being that therians strongly believe that they are an animal in a spiritual or psychological sense - not all of us do, and this still affects the very much wholly human people in our system, and what they turn into doesn’t seem related to their identity at all. There are also people in our system who were physical werewolves in their past lives, and they are affected by this separately, but they still turn into what they were in their past. One of them is a werewolf who transformed every night in her life, but this makes full moons stand out to her. Some of them are pretty bizarre. As an example, in recent memory, one person turned into a wolf, another into a cat-like creature, another into a snake with a lot of humanoid limbs, and another into… hmm, not sure how to describe it… like a cross between an alien and a classic picture of the jabberwocky? But all black, no wings… very strange looking. And the person who did has no fucking clue why, he’s just as lost as the rest of us. Lately, we’ve been trying to take turns with the full moons to see what we all become, because we just don’t know otherwise.

What we experience once we “transform” (our body stays the same, but it can be hard for us to recognize that, especially if we’re alone), is enhanced senses, like you said (our night vision, sense of smell and hearing are noticeably different, and we’re more sensitive to being touched, and all of those things are already on the high end because of our vampirism, and yes those things tend to go with it, but all that results in is a migraine from light and sound), and our mentality changes quite a bit. We run fully on instinct, and it’s impossible to worry about daily life things while we’re like that, which is one nice thing about it, it’s a good stress reliever. We appear to get stronger, but we haven’t tested that yet, and right now we believe we just stop holding back; it isn’t a new strength, just a reserve. If someone was to threaten us like that and we couldn’t get a hold on our human mindset, there could be trouble, but we’re careful about that, and we can resist the “shift” in the middle of it. So far, no one has found out other than the people we’ve told about it. No one can tell, which is definitely a good thing. We’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about psychiatric medication having horrible side effects on plural systems, so we’re not super interested in having that forced on us. Besides, we would never want to hurt someone unless they attacked us. Though we don’t think our pitiful little nails and teeth would do much damage regardless, hahah.

After an hour or two, we “shift” back to normal, or if we fall asleep, we wake up being normal again. The person who experiences the shift changes physically inworld, in addition to their phantom body changing while fronting. Enhanced senses, running on instincts and the like is also something that happens in the vampire community, but in a different way. They call that “twoofing”, and it’s related to a flare-up in need for blood or energy. That community also has a concept called “the beast” which is a metaphor for the urge to drink blood most vampires have. Some vampires also have shifts, but we’ve yet to see one have them like us, so we’re unsure what to attribute it to (we originally wanted to blame it on vampirism and just ignore it). However, twoofing also comes with a rapid heartrate and breathing, cold sweats, shaking, etc. It’s no fun, and as it happens, that happens to us every waxing crescent moon, no matter how well we’ve been feeding, and a lot of vampires have it the same way. No one is sure why, but the community theory is that because vampires are sensitive to energy in general, they’re also more sensitive to the specific energies of the moon. Most can’t tolerate the energy of the sun at all, and moonlight is just reflected sunlight, so… we wonder. Twoofing feels very different from shifting to us, and it occasionally comes with its own very minor set of phantom limbs, but those are the same for all of our headmates and aren’t unique. And that does happen to a fair number of vampires in the community, but not all.

So, for us, “astral lycanthropy” doesn’t involve inviting in spirits, or doing it on purpose. We can do it intentionally, it took a lot of practice to get to that point, and we suck at it if isn’t a full moon; it only sticks for a couple minutes. But it doesn’t make us crazy, either. We’re actually fairly friendly like that, so long as nothing threatens us. We… kind of act like a pet dog, hahah. Underwhelming, we know. It’s kind of pathetic. Basically, we experience animal instincts and feelings for a couple hours every month, as long as we don’t resist it. That said, we DO get the shakes, rapid heartbeat and breathing, cold sweats and that when we resist it for too long. But once we give in, we feel better right away. …Now we’re just not sure if we really should attribute it to vampirism or not. Guess we just desperately don’t want to have another thing to pile on top of everything else we already deal with and have to define for ourselves. We sound fluffy enough as it is, you know? These things are ruining our image, hahah.

It was only on the last full moon that we started experimenting with doing magick while shifted. Our donor was able to get us focused enough to try things while like that, but we need more testing to come to any conclusions right now. Because, honestly, unless being shifted somehow makes us better at magick, we don’t see a reason to bother with it at all aside from relieving that pressure that builds up when we resist it. It bothers us deeply that we don’t know why we are this way. We didn’t choose it, and would probably get rid of it given the option. But, obviously, what you would be doing would be useful, and you would just be able to use it when you want to.

Well, hope that immense rambledump made some sort of sense, because none of this does to us. We would love to hear your opinions on it, even if it’s not related to what you mean. Perhaps we should choose a different label for it, then, we don’t want to confuse anyone. (Well… aside from just being confused by our existence at all…? Hahah… :upside_down_face:) But no, if anyone knows anything about this sort of thing, we would love to figure it out.

Do you know what specific abilities were enhanced for your aunt? Was it like her energy work was improved or something along those lines?

Also, you said you want to learn psychic defense, astral shapeshifting and astral projection? We know a bit about all those things (lycanthropy aside), if you’d like to hear about our experiences. We’re admittedly not the best teachers specifically on astral projection, because we’ve always been able to just do it without thought. But we might be able to give you some help if you’d like it. :slight_smile: Though definitely search the forum too, we’ve seen a bunch of it around, especially tutorials for newbies.


Hello! Thank you very much for the recommendations and the welcome. :slight_smile: We have indeed read about Billy Mulligan’s system, and several other well-known DID systems. (And we’re glad you know about them, too!) We have been a part of the plural community for more than ten years, which accepts all types of plurality, DID included, and so have met many other systems. We love to hear about DID systems that work well together (and it seems most do), they’re truly a marvel of the human mind. We like to think we function pretty well as a system, ourselves. :wink: Like we said, we’re a family.

We’ll definitely check out VK, think we’ve heard of him before but hadn’t looked. We’re guessing he has more to do with vampirism as a magickal tool? Personally, our vampirism originates from a need, rather than a talent (though it comes with abilities similar to the magickal practice of vamprisim). That is, someone who practices vampirism can take energy but doesn’t have to in order to stay healthy - someone who has vampirism as a condition must take energy in order to maintain their physical, mental and energetic well-being. As a result, we tend to not practice vampirism as a magickal craft too much, because we already have to do so much of it just to take care of ourselves (to us, it’s just another need, like eating and drinking). But we certainly don’t mind seeing if we can incorporate it into some of our practices, and we often use it to gather energy for magick, if nothing else. Though our personal theory on our vampirism is that we have it because our body and existing energy network simply can’t support so many souls and needs external help. But who knows. Most vampires aren’t plural, anyway, but it’s thought there could be many, many causes for the condition, and we’ve met a few systems who also have shared vampirism like we do (but not all plural systems are vampires, either). Since you gave us a recommendation, we’ll return the favor and suggest searching for Merticus on Google, his website will be the first link to come up. Just go to the “vampirism” tab, and you’ll find links to all sorts of wonderful resources on vampirism as a condition. :slight_smile: Meanwhile, we’ll read up on vampirism as a practice, as you suggest. Thanks again, and we’d love to talk with you more, too~


I never asked my aunt about her magickal and psychic abilities being enhanced by it, so I sadly cant answer that question, but while I was visiting my aunt and the crazy native’s im related to, I did see a spirit of a blond women who later shifted into a wolf and lightly bit me, which I definitely felt physically. My aunt said werewolves are higher dimensional creatures. I dont really know much more and the rest I forgot, im sorry I cant be of more help. Perhaps reaching out to some wolf Gods such as Fenrir and they may be able to tell you more. One would think werewolves would be something a Wolf God would know alot about.

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Alright, interesting, thank you. We take it your aunt probably meant werewolves as a race of people? Or people who became werewolves by learning? It’s okay if you don’t know, sorry we’re grilling you so much. (Like we said… curiosity~) Could you tell us more about the experience with the blonde woman? Was it like a vision? A projection? Either way, it sounds like quite an experience, can’t say we’ve ever had the honor of seeing something like that before. And thanks for the suggestion on wolf gods, we didn’t think of that. Granted, we don’t all turn into wolves, but if there is a god that governs shapeshifting, that could be helpful. We’ll look into it.

I was in my body after talking to my aunt I went outside and I saw this blond women, I saw her briefly, then she vanished, my third eye wasnt fully open back then. After I went inside and went to play some games, the blond womens wolf form had the same exact energy signature she gave off, and it’s fur was the same shade as her hair, very pale blonde. I just knew it was her, then she somehow bite me. She was either projecting or a spirit. I didnt think back then spirits could do that go from human to wolf. There was something primal about her I remember when I saw her human form.

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She could been a trickster spirit, astral werewolf, shapeshifter who chose a wolf to change into. Im not sure I’ll ever know the truth. What I do know is my aunt said werewolves were higher dimensional beings, they dont become a wolf on this plane of existence. Astral plane and up I would think

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Alright. And thanks again. We hope you’re able to find answers for yourself someday, it was very interesting hearing about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don’t mind us asking, what was that made you decide to try magick, if you didn’t believe it when you were younger?

Also, “astral plane and up”? Sorry, but we’re really not educated on the different planes, is there something above the astral plane?

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I was being a stupid kid years ago and used a oujia board, something strong but evil came out and started oppressing me. I sought help from a Chaos Sorcerer and he freed me from it using magick, I begun to have a healthy interest in magick, all for self preservation. To learn to protect myself and my loved ones.
During the brief time I was learning under this asshole, he told me I had visions of him, and of myself visions of the future. He use to enter my head and go through my visions and eventually a few other people did as well. Then they tried to recruit me, I cant remember my visions, but those people who kept trying to get me to move and join/serve them must have liked what they see. My former teacher claimed to be responsible for me being unable to remember my visions about him, its possible hes the reason why I cant remember most of them. A seer told me I have enough potential to be noticed and recruited by people/groups, once they become aware of me. I guess he’s right. There are places of existence other then the astral plane. I’ll try to find the link to send to you

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Here this should help, to get to other planes one must be able to soul travel.

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Ah, thank you for the link.

As for what you said:

Just so you know, this is a major red flag of a cult. Someone in a position of power trying to tell you they see something about you that you can’t, and convincing you of it despite you having no reason to believe it without them. Making you special in some way that you wouldn’t be without them telling you about it. One of our old friends, the host of another plural system, was led on for years and years by someone like that, and when he finally cut ties because the guy was being too parasitic, he just didn’t know what to do with himself after that. He was pretty broken, and it ruined his life. He never even met the guy in person.

You do not need other people to notice you to have worth. You don’t need the validation of others. You don’t need other people to learn and grow. You only need yourself and your own passions and willpower, and your individuality is extremely valuable. You don’t need someone to tell you what you are and aren’t capable of - find what you want to try and experiment, record your results and see how you can make progress. It’s okay to join groups to look for support and advice (obviously, we’re talking on a forum, after all), but be wary of who “takes notice of you”. We speak from personal experience there, having had a nasty run-in with an online cult about some otherkin apocalypse (not joking, sadly) that eventually tried to get all the members to commit group suicide so they could “become their otherkin selves”. (99% of otherkin aren’t like that, by the way, there was something wrong with him.) Fortunately their leader was arrested, but only because the members spoke out despite being terrified of him and the things he’d threatened to do to them in the astral. It seems he didn’t actually have any ability in the end, because nothing happened to them.

Always, always refer to the Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame when considering any group (or even individual), online or offline, offering you knowledge, power, etc, especially if they think they know more about you than you do. The problem with groups like that is they seem nice at first, so it’s easy to get pulled in, especially when someone gives you personal attention. Magick in particular has a lot of problem communities like that, especially where the “occult” is related, because they excuse their behavior with secrecy, but all that does is prevent you from educating yourself or getting a second opinion. It puts you directly into the power of one or a few people who may or may not mean what they say. If someone tells you to trust them above all else OR tries to keep you from seeking other sources of information for any reason, be done with them.

It sounds like you already knew some of that, though. Would that have anything to do with the assholes you wanted to banish? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.

But we hope things go better for you in the future, and thank you for sharing. We offer the above warning/advice to anyone in that position.

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