Please teach me invocation

I really want to start invoking, but I can’t find any information on how exactly you’re supposed to do it! I have searched here and found some similar topics but no one really answered the question.

Could you please share your method/s with me? :heartpulse:


Just ask the entity to enter your body and visualize them entering you but you can also keep repeating (name) I invoke you


Or the enn/Incantation



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And thanks. I had the same problem. Busy with evocation but, how do I invoke, so I did some research in the weekend, but it’s good to know that I have the right info.

That’s it? haha so you don’t even need the sigil or something? Also no candles/incense and how do you know if the spirit has entered you? What exactly do you feel or do you just trust that it has? Do you speak out loud or in your head? Or do you just somehow let the spirit write answers on a paper maybe? What do YOU do? Sorry I know absolutely nothing:(

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The meditation and getting in the right state does the trick. And then if you choose for the enn or name, or a ritual see the link above. That’s up to you.

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We’re talking about after you have evoked them here so why sigils ?

For all magickal purposes you need only the things you believe you need and knowing they have entered depends on how much your psychic senses are developed and how well you can feel them but usually invocation is easier to feel

As I said it depends on your psychic senses but you will feel their energy inside you

Both works

Letting the spirit write answers requires you to clear your mind and expect nothing specific to be written but if you expect the entity to write using your hand I should say that’s the next stage which is possession

But also keep in mind that it’s not like in movies that spirit enters you and you feel a lot of pain and the spirit makes you do things no ! it’s not like that ! you gotta work on your astral senses to feel them


Oh wait what do you have to evoke to invoke then? I remember this one user said something about how they think evocation might be somehow disrespectful to a demon so they only invoke… Which means that they didn’t evoke first?

WHAT ??? disrespectful ? all the members you see here are evoking demons and Angels etc and if it was disrespectful surely we were all dead by now…

Just evoke an entity you trust to enter your body then invoke him/her

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You tried the search facility and there is absolutely nothing whatsoever?

Not that I could understand anyway

“So I guess my goal is to start practising more, and my struggle is procrastination and laziness.” - Perhaps this is your issue rather than understanding - you want ready made solutions.

You will find that you will not get a result unless you put in some effort.

Yeah who doesn’t want that? But I genuinely didn’t understand the answers that I read and I’d rather not waste my time looking I just want to start practising asap. and I’m willing to put in some effort but not too much in searching but in practising

What is your previous experience in magic? Both practical and theoretical?
Evocation and invocation is not the most basic of practices so do you have a form base with the basic?
There are tons of great threads on this forum on every topic you can imagine and they can take you so far, for invocations and evocation are considered FAQ topics so If you cant find them then you dont look hard enough, If you dont understand them then mayby you need more basic training.
And If you dont understand a topic Why not reply in that topic asking for clarification?

Ppl on this forum are great with helping but one thing everyone agrees on is that you need to do the work.
So will also the spirits that you might intend to work for you need to do your part.

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