Please i am beggin for Help

I am so tired my story, mi life has been horrible my mum choose his bpyfriend over me and my sister. He was always beating her up and i will always come out of the room defending her since i was 12. His boyfriend didnt like me so my mum will lock me up in the bedroom from 5 PM to 2 AM it didnt let me go out even to go to the lu or make my dinner until he felt asleep. My dad left and didnt care
When i was 16 my mum will refise to pay any more schools so i needed to work to pay for my studies. My first time i was raped and pf cpurse i needed my mum as soon as i told her she said it was my fault that i was looking for it ( bare in mind i used to dress like a boy) and she told me to never tell any one. My mums bpyfriend punch me in the face ones amd she denied everything even in front of the police. I was left on my own. Of cpurse the only thing i want is love i dont care about money or status i only had 3 bpyfriends the forst 2 cheat on me and the last one just left, saying is all my fault

I gave him everything i lost myself on the transition i been trying to gain him back with magick i did 100 spells call every single demon for mind changing paid a lot of money for spells. Please i really need him back in my life is the only thing i wver asked for even after all the shit i had in my life, pleqse can someone help me i did everything and i dont know what else to do. Please can someone just tell me if Lucifer has listen to me or to help me change his mind i am out of ideas i did everything under the sun and had pacience and not lust for results but i want him back now before i have to leave the country. Please

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Ok, so you need help with a love spell, we’ll get to that.

First I want to say, do you really think that will help your situation?

Seems to me like you need to have more self confidence, and I understand that in psychological terms, suffering trauma has led you with low self worth it seems.

I may be wrong here psychoanalysing, but it seems like you currently define your worth based upon what your partner thinks of you, if I am wrong tell me.

If that is the case, then I believe you will not be happy with him, he left and had his reasons, bad or good reasons doesn’t matter.
I believe you would benefit more in attracting love towards you, real love by real people, be they friends, acquaintances, a potential lover/lovers or a soulmate (if you believe in that sort of thing)

For this I wrote in the paragraph above, I recommend Aphrodite.

If you still wish to cast a love spell instead, Sitri is the way to go I think.

There’s also a witch on etsy that I believe is good


I think you need to rent a place for you and your sister. Stay away from those how despise you. Build your own family. Work hard, keep your studies on the occult, grow a stronger mind, sort yourself and love will come. You should work in breaking for your current patterns, leaving your traumas behind, find money stability. But at the end I know nothing about you, do what you wish.

I’m sorry to hear what you have gone trough and wish things take a positive turn.

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Believe me i try everything, i try to dp my life i try to meet people i cant. And i try Lucofer, Dantalion, paimon, and all of them. Y paid and got nothing either.

And 100 love spells nothing i maybe not powerfull enouggt or i dont know

I know i have that kind of trauma but is just that when he ask me for a chance i gave it to him and now that was me no. I need the most powerfull thing to change mind and emotions.
Today i did Lucifer but i didnt get any sogns as i asled.
I am lost now

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That happened when i was a kid now i have a good job finally and stability.

I just need him in my life and i am willing to pay woth my life id necesary

I get that things have been difficult for you. I am going to share my story with you and where I am today before assisting you with magic

I’m not going to say I understand what you feel because the truth is only you know what you feel.

However I will share my story. I myself joined BALG because I wanted an ex back. I summoned up half the astral world to get this ex back but they did not come back

Two years ago I was alone and afraid. Fast forward to two years later I’m in a new relationship and I have ditched a ton of toxic people in my life once they revealed their true intentions. I’m in a healthier and happier position then I have ever been before

Please be aware that lusting for results can severely affect magic as can summoning half of the astral pantheon because it’s shows you have no faith in your own magic or the entities you have summoned.

Even asking members of BALG if a spell worked can severely impact your magic as it creates vibrational doubt.

I would strongly advise against paying money for spells when you can do them yourself. Paying money for spells means particularly love spells that if you aren’t careful you can quickly find yourself out of pocket and it all feeds the cycle of desperation and in essence is throwing good money after bad.

So what I would suggest is take things one step at a time.

Firstly do a cleansing spell, ritual or take a cleansing bath to clear out any old spells.

Second don’t focus on your ex just yet but do magic for things that you aren’t lusting for results on, this can be any magic but it can’t be something that will make you think about the results. This helps you re-focus showing you that magic works while also building up your confidence in magic.

Thirdly you could try an attraction spell as the poster above has said to bring new love into your life that will help with your self confidence as self confidence is a big part of magic

Fourthly when you are ready and you are certain you want your ex back but are also certain you won’t lust for results or repeat the same spell over and over again then you can do the spell. Most people will say Sallos is good for getting an ex back, if you really wanted to you could also try the intranquil spirit spell but you should be warned this spell has lots of steps and is more of a torture spell than a love spell as it causes someone pain until they contact you.

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Thank you very much for your qords and every ones.
I understand what you say but believe me i have confidence i love myseld a lot and i build that up this months.
I understand about bringing love but i tried and i just cant as soon as i am on a date i just camt stop thinking about him and i ruin all of them.
I would love to know about the intrankil spell please.
And i dont lust for results but not thinking about him is a lot. I dont think about the spells or anything only him so thats that cpunt as lusting?
He blocked me everywhere he doesnt want to talk to me at all and i am sure he is in another relation

I know i camt put a time on spells or petitions but i really need this to be done in 2 weeks

Type in intranquil spirit spell into the search bar and it will show you how to do it.

Yes lusting for results in this instance means you spend every single moment thinking about your ex and that will severely hamper your magic. The best thing you can do is do one spell and then leave it and wait for results to manifest.

Perhaps it’s to soon for you to date other people if you are still constantly thinking about your ex while on other dates.

While it’s fine to set time limits for results, 2 weeks is an especially tight time frame particularly for love magic. Is there any reason why this needs to be done in two weeks

That’s a typical LOA law of attraction problem. When someone wishes only one thing with all power and energy invested. By concentrating on the missing thing or person that energy grows bigger and bigger blocking the positive outcome. Watch Aaron’s vids on YouTube about the law of attraction and its secrets


Because i am living the country for work to a place we always thought about living because we are surf lovers.

I have tried the law of attraction the more positive i think the worst it gets, i tried

As I said I think that lusting for results is the problem here. In all my time in this forum I have not met a magician who has lusted for results and succeeded.

For the moment I think you need to step back and take a breath. I certainly appreciate that this is easier said than done.

Hahaha yes it is but i will try one last time withput thinking about or trying to at least