Please help me

Help Please

10 years ago I ended a very bad and long relationship of 20 years and started a new one, for 10 years I have been very extremely happy with the person I am currently and she was with me, in January of this year things began to change, my girlfriend does not know what happened but Suddenly she felt disconnected from our relationship, her work became stressful and she had problems with her mother’s health, my intuition indicated some kind of work against my relationship, shortly after I started having strange dreams with my ex, Despite not thinking about her anymore, my relationship began to distance from me since January, she says she loves me but she can’t let go of that feeling of disconnection, today out of nowhere my ex showed up at my door wanting to fix things with me, I said I didn’t want to know anything about her and asked her not to look for me anymore, but I suspect she cursed my relationship. Is there anything i can do to undo that Magician brothers?


Hello, this is serious and sad, I am not altogether sure what to suggest. However, I would search the forum for a sweetener or sweeting jar spell. I would also suggest the book “The Magick of Angels and Demons: Practical Rituals for The Union of Power (The Power of Magick)” by Henry Archer.

I would also seek use the same book to work against your ex and use a sour jar against your ex. Possibly I would up the ante on her using the Anthology of Sorcery book by E.A. Koetting.

Something about your post honestly made me feel not good. I am wondering too you know most women want to be a wife. Maybe after you get your gf back and things are great again you could propose. I mean it would also make it harder for her to just walk away right.


@anon69037110 and @anon8398376 do you have any recommendations?

Also don’t forget basic banishing and the good old “its not happening” defense of just denying the curse. Lady_Eva probably has some great ideas but I don’t know if she has time to go over them. Have you tried searching the forum btw? I know it gets brought up a lot but there’s a lot of stuff on the forum regarding magical defence

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Be honest whit u ex ask her if she did magick to broken. If deny be honest. U want a still friend, not a enemy.

There’s a ritual in the Henry Archer book for stopping magick working against you even if it’s already started… for a start?

Brian Scott’s Neville goddard meditations on YouTube are good too… for using the LoA and revision of the relationship you wish to keep


Thank you, I’ve been working on sweetener spells but it doesn’t seem to work, I do want to get married but she is more distant from me every day. i invoke Lucifer and Duke Dantalion for help but nothing change.


I would comb through the forum and honestly invest in a few good books. They are all reasonably priced. Also understand that your ex perhaps devoted significant resources to crumbling your 10 relationship. You won’t get it back I think without expending some energy of your own.

An uncrossing, banishment, protection, and then arrange a date for you and your current. Something away from the situations that you both enjoy and can relax. Tell her in person that you understand that she is going through a lot on her end and that you can understand why with everything going on (the mundane things on her end, do not bring up the ex or any talk of curses for the obvious reasons). Let her know that you care and are willing to be there for them when she needs someone to talk to.


@Dralukmun gave great advice.

to compliment the magick definitely look into Clay Andrews on YouTube he specializes in rebuilding an emotional connection which is exactly what you need, regardless if you’re still together.

You’ll also be very well prepared if she does become an ex not to make idiotic mistakes.


I love her so munch, no matter what happen thants not gonna change, i alwasy gonna be there for her and she knows, every day i tell it to her.

Thanks i gonna searcrh it

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Lot of good advice here.

My advice would be that once you’ve sorted this out, call on a deity for the signature of the one who sent it and send some fun back their way. Consider it self preservation. They’ve done it once. Whether they wanted you or your partner, they may do it again without some negative reinforcement.


Thank you, i am already reading the henry Archer Book, i gonna use it.

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Oh yeah, they going to fail and its gonna be revenge. X3

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first ,figure out exactly what the problem is
(get into a meditative state, MEDITATE as you are relaxed and in trance ask the question to yourself what is the problem in your relation ship or better yet ask the question why is my girlfriend so distant ,meditate on it and then poof let it go

YOU CAN NOT FIX A PROBLEM MAGICKALLY OR OTHERWISE UNLESS , YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE PROBLEM IS ,once you know what the problem is you can go about fixing it, best of luck to you

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Thank you, Good advise.

You need to do a proper introduction.