Please help me someone anyone?

Good day guys I’m in desperate need of help if someone is kind enough to help me I’ll really appreciate it I began lhp a while ago reason cause my life was turning upside down and miserable I was engaged to marry on my bday last year and 2 weeks before that he broke it off with me no reason till today why, I changed my whole life around for him he was a control freak I realized now he stopped me from going visiting family I wasn’t allowed to have friends I wasn’t allowed to go shopping alone he had major trust issues but I’ve never given him a reason to not trust me when he called it off I was devastated broken shattered completely lost my job went into depression and then I met someone else who basically was my shoulder to cry on I got over my ex but with this new relationship came complications he fell inlove with me I fell inlove with him he showed me happiness and swpet me off my feet made me happy and then everything changed we broke up for silly things that broke me even more that’s when I realized I couldn’t do this anymore every time I found happiness god snatched it way so why should I pray and believe in someone or something who’s never there for me I turned to lord lucifer for help by this time my bf and I got back together but I realized I couldn’t let this happen again and be hurt of suffer I’ve been trying most of the time to evoke Lucifer and Duke Dantalion I can’t sense or feel but I always assume their listening I did some petition spells and today is supposed to be the last day for them to take action I had given them more than 2 weeks but nothing I haven’t stopped trying to evoke also but I really need help please I humbly request anyone please help me and ask the Lord Lucifer if his listening to me when I call does he come has he excepted my requests I offered my blood also offerings as I’m completely broken and don’t know what to do today’s my birthday I’m in bed crying my eye balls out holding Duke Dantalion sigil and Lucifers please help me I’m in need of answers I asked them to speak to me in my dreams but nothing you guys have a gift I’m in need of help please assist me I’ll be forever grateful thanks in advance

You need to be a little more clearer as to what you seek. You are indeed right, you can always assume that Lord Lucifer and the grand Duke Dantalion hear you when you call out, but keep in mind that offerings neither guarantee nor compel action from them. Your requests may have been accepted but outside of your time-frame If you can be a bit more explicit people may be more forthcoming, for instance are you presently in a relationship? or are you seeking one? it could be there are better suited entities for what you require.

But without knowing precisely what the issues are, it’s difficult for anyone to dive straight in to what you are asking. All the best.

I’m sorry I am in a relationship but it’s falling apart I’m on the verge of loosing my job I don’t know what to do I feel like every door is closing in on me I have no one absolutely no one to speak to or tell my problems to and the one person I love is drifting away from me and I’ve tried everything but I’m not getting anywhere I’m loosing hope I feel like I should just end my life

I asked Lord Lucifer to help my relationship and make it stronger to remove anyone that may come in the way of it to make my bf go back to the loving caring kind man he was his gone so cold towards me and I love him so much he calls every day yes but its not the same I also need to see him f2f, I asked Duke Dantalion to work on his mind and make him remember the good times we had to make him want me like he used to its a good day today but I’m crying myself sick cause he didn’t even make an attempt to come and see me knowing what day it is today

First off, I am very sorry for what you are going through, I think also that a lot of us have been there and I can tell you that the human spirit prevails. You need to dry your tears and put on your big girl pants and deal with matters both on the mundane and spiritual planes, repudiating life is never the answer, you’ll simply have to come back and do it all over again! and whats the point of that?

You need to be beady eyed bout what you have to do, magick is only ever supplemental to our mundane efforts. The good news is that in 6 months or so from now none of this will likely matter.

On the matter of your BF I would suggest for you to approach the Duchess Gremory, you want her to soften his heart towards you. Try to forget the petitions you made you will find that the moment you forget about them…they will manifest. Learn to meditate a bit, it will aid you in sensing what the entities are trying to tell you.

Draw out the Solomonic 4th Pentacle of the planet of Venus, inscribe his name behind it and encircle his name with the statement…" Flesh of my flesh bone of bones and the two shall become one flesh" write that statement without lifting your pen from the paper. Consecrate it and keep it somewhere safe, it will draw him back to you.

Most of all dry your tears and try to keep your chin up, you’ll be just fine.

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Thank you so much for your help and guidance it means alot to me yes its damn hard cause I’m hurting like hell he means alot to me and I love him and the thing is he fell inlove with me 1st I didn’t tell him I love him until a month later and he keeps treating me like I’m some kind of stranger all of a sudden I went on Google to find the solomonic 4th pentacle of the planet of venus this came us is this the correct one thanks again

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Also how will I know when ever I call out to the Lord Lucifer and the Grand Duke Dantalion they come I’m so useless in sensing and feeling or seeing

You’re quite welcome, and invariably you will come out ahead of this. So, thats the correct pentacle, its more powerful if you draw it yourself putting your intent into it, if you cannot write the Hebrew properly you can simply write the verse around the pentacle in English it is Genesis 23: 24

It’s always best when you do a petition or invocation to ask the entity to give you a sign of acceptance or you could get a divination tool like a pendulum for instance.

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Where do I find Genesis 23.24

rough drawing I’m trying while you replying… I did ask them to please give me an unmistakable sign but when I dream I forget I also asked them to speak to me in my dreams and I haven’t seen any sign

This is Gen 23:24 : This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. And they two were one flesh.’
It should go in the outer circle

Without lifting my pen right?

Yup, only his name at the back.

So basically if I’m understanding it correctly i must right it inside the outer circle in the front then behind write his name what I want and around it right the same Genesis 23.24 but that has to be done without lifting my pen

Oh sorry my apologies

Thats right.

for a beginner

When you say consecrate it what do u mean by that how do I do that

Ok, you will need a candle and some incense if you have any. Place the candle on the right and the incense on the left with the pentacle in the middle. Pick up the pentacle and meditate on it for a while imagine your BF coming back to you as clearly as you can.

Read the Genesis verse aloud.

Give a prayer of gratitude in any way you can.

All done so I’m going to let the candle burn down and once it’s done then I will put the pentacle away in a safe place right?

Yes, thats right. All done.