Please help me someone anyone?

Thank you so much your really an amazing person I wish and hope all your heart desires get fulfilled may you lack in nothing abundance shall follow you where ever you go

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You are most welcome and I wish you the same.

Thank u

Happy birthday-

Thank u

Happy Birthday. Please take a moment to find some joy today. I wish you well :bouquet:

Happy Birthday! I’m sending you some positivity.

I wish I could hun believe me I would it’s so hard and even though there’s people out there that can help sometimes they won’t and I respect that cause sometimes they feel like they don’t want to make other peoples problems there’s and that they learnt on their own so I must to but no one will really understand unless they in my shoe and maybe that’s why they may not want to help in a small request maybe people only help after someone looses their life but there was someone that gave me advise on this forum Appollonius amazing person and guided me into something and someone else said they going to assist me so I’m just waiting… But thank you angel

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Thank u alot I really need it especially right now

It also helps to know that Aramaic/Hebrew writing of the Alef-Bet by reciting it aloud. But be very careful when using 1 of the 72 Names for selfish intentions. I’m just saying. Even Sh’lomo Melech (King Solomon) went insane causing a discord within his magicks.

Thanks for your observation.

I’m no expert by any means. I truly meant no disrespect either my fellow brother? Sister?

No worries, none taken. Peace.