Please help me anyone there?

Hi I’m new to This I have no experience in seeing any spirits or doing rituals come from a catholic religion but don’t mind using left hand path I work with the saints I do the lesser banishing ritual daily I meditate l listin to subliminals everyday chant mantras like the kleem mantra and the omnamahshivaya mantra daily I pray to God I pray to La Santísima Muerte I pray to San Simon I pray to Archangels Michael, Ralpahel , Uriel’ , Gabriel , and I pray to Ares God Of War i also have bought supposedly magical jewelry to help me attract this woman but no results. she does not want me at all like I mean notting I been praying for years I paid other spell casters and notting I felt like I got scam I did spells for myself but notting what entity or what spirit can help me I been praying and asking for this woman for a very long time it seems impossible to have her because she does not want me at all she’s not interested in me she blocked me I can’t send her Any texts and it hurts because I am her family’s friend and I love her a lot of but she does not want anything to do with me she confirmed it this week that she never liked me. Don’t tell me it’s not meant to be because I’m not giving up she’s going to be my wife I don’t know she’s going to be mine i don’t know how but i am not giving up I will fight till the end I need help I am open to using whatever means is Necessary to have her can some one guide me step by step in what I need to do ? Here’s the texts she said to me


Looks like you made her uncomfortable by sending her creepy texts, idk what you did but that did not work out son. It only made the situation worse


I will guide you.

First: use commas and points. Please. PLEASE. That was an absolute pain to read, even with thouse two points and that one, lonely comma. I’m not a grammar nazi but, for a guy begging help, you put little effort on your end.

Second: she has been very clear. NOTHING anyone does will solve it the way you like it. Make her obsessed with you, she will think in you every day and never speak to you because she will resent you. Make a communication spell and she’ll text you to say fuck you. Make a lust spell and she will masturbate thinking in you. And you will never know any of this things.

Best thing I can tell you is to move on. People can and will fight back. So forget her. Also, you creep the shit out of me.


I think you have to face the fact that she will never be yours. Don’t forget, she has a say in her life, just like you do, and even if you completely dominate her, she will never truly be yours because it’s not her free will to be with you.

Please don’t think of this as love magick because it’s not. What you are doing is known as coercion or domination magick. You don’t really love this person because if you did, you would allow her to make her own choices. What you seek to do is make her your possession, which is what abusers and stalkers do with their victims.

If that is what you want to do, do it, but don’t delude yourself into thinking you love them. It’s obvious to anyone that you don’t.


Lusting for results and focusing on a specific person too much are two rules of Magic and ur like strangling both of those too death brother just move on


Since you asked for help, no spirit can help u on this matter if u dont work on yourself, it seems desperate
You could have just be a friend and wait for the right move without being a creepy dude.

You seem like a nice guy but you really need to improve the way you approach woman

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I’m going to be very real with you here. I have used magick to make me much more attractive to other people, and it has worked a little too well at times. I have also seen magick lower other’s inhibitions in stunningly powerful ways. It has brought me many opportunities for sex and romance, even some where things didn’t seem to be going well.

(All that follows I honestly say to help you.)

This is because I am not a fucking creep. I can only guess what you have said to this poor woman, but I cannot imagine that she is unjustified in what she is doing.

You need to back off. Again, no amount of magick can help you if you are acting in this way. Do you think this is what women find attractive? Guys messaging them against their will, making threats to people that they care about? In case I have to say it - no, I can assure you that any sane woman does not want that. If you find one that does, I’d wear steel-enforced condoms, at all times.

I think you need to take a real good and honest look at yourself and what has brought you to this point. You absolutely reek of desperation, impatience, and lust for result. You have allowed charlatans to scam you out of your money. Your views towards magick, life, and most clearly women are so screwed up that you cannot see what you are doing to the people around you and to yourself.

I say this with the best of intentions for you. Get your shit together man.


Yeah, I would say this is a done deal. While magic can bring quite shocking results, they do not come from complete nothing. If the person does not have a hint of interest in you, the love magic is doomed to fail. While you could use domination magic, she has established resistance against you that will put a kink in the work, putting aside the lusting for results issue you have.

I would recommend accepting defeat, working on yourself and casting your net somewhere else. Time and energy are limited resources in this life. It is best to use them wisely.


I can’t give up I need her. I just don’t understand I’m very handsome and tall and muscular i Can get any woman i want but when it comes to her I can’t. I don’t know are you sure I cant have her not even Lucifer will help me ? I never worked with him but I’m thinking about it

Spirits can do a lot, but once again, there needs to be something there to work with. She has made it clear that there is not.


No, you don’t. And even if you do, she has made it clear she doesn’t need you.

if your post is any indication, your personality and conduct suck, and appearance doesn’t mitigate that. She seems capable of looking beyond the surface, and she doesn’t like what she sees.

Lucifer is more apt to tell you to grow up and improve yourself than help you in this situation. He is against slavery, and you are seeking to enslave this person.


You need to raise your vibration brother meditating on loving yourself, that’s such an illusion that you need one person , it’s just causing you suffering ,


Very good point


No. You can’t. She said no, remember?

Now man up. Everyone here is telling you what you need to hear and we won’t tell you what you want to hear. Ask again a thousand times, a thousand times you shall get the same answers. That’s all.


Get your shit together bruh :black_heart:


People are coming from a place of sincerity. Listen to them. There are other way more compatible women if you evolve and grow. Dont let spun thoughts and feelings dictate your life.


Your behaviour is obsessive, possibly a mental disorder. If you continue in your current path you are very likely to end up answering to a Court of Law. In most western countries, making threats by means of a carriage service (phone or computer) is illegal and carries significant penalties. Stalking is considered to be much worse and usually involves jail time. You are stalking that woman. Stop it! Nobody here will help you with coercion magick. Get some counselling.


Thank you for yalls reply and I do live in the West from USA Texas. I see and I understand where y’all comming from but I’m just going to say this. Even if things seem impossible it’s good to never give up come on now guys we are living gods what that means is that we have power to bend reality to are will there has to be something that i Can do. We could not think we have limits. We are all powerful we could make are life how we want it to and can have anything we desire we have that power y’all saying things like that puts limits. No we have no limits we are all living gods we gotta get what we want just like how the Ancient Greek Heros grabed what they wanted that’s why the kings feared bringing them to there kingdoms because whatever they saw they took we have to be like that. And ok I accept that y’all won’t help me do that and that’s fine each one to there own. But I won’t give up on searching.

Then fetch me a dinosaur.

You’re taking magic by its fantasy definition. And fantasy is a literary genre, nothing else. Real magic has limits.

Please, stop this.


what if she is not the one that is meant for you? Maybe the one that is meant for you well arrive after your obsession dies.
I know how it feels to want someone so bad but they don’t give a shit for you. You back away. Maybe if you back off a bit she will start liking you better. Maybe ask her if she wants to be friends. If she says yes let things happen and go from there. Give her space and time

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