Please anybody here help me please humbled request

From what I scanned it seemed like a territorial entity, fae-like not so much malicious.

Yes i was inviting him for my prayers but not for possession, maybe it’s Not him but this entity is making my body like burning , is there anyone who can please evoke Marbas for me to heal my body please, is there anyone for real help please?

Or Archangel Raphael

Just for a better understanding of your situation: You practice magick, why dont you call on Marbas/Raphael yourself?
If you don’t find out what it is and how to deal with it, you will face this problem again in the future.

That could be it did you cleanse it before you put it on your altar or near you? Or used it !

No i don’t practice magick i only do prayers to universe with candle

Actually I don’t have a alter i just was praying on my bed side desk in a casual way :disappointed:

Hm ok but still did you cleanse it ? When you got it because they can carry really nasty shit !

Prayer is a form of spellwork/external work.

This sounds like a parasitic enitity. The fact it has gotten to that stage were it is really effecting you phyaically is that you have acknowledged it through fear which it has used to feed off you. Also since you are wanting to try and get your ex back this parasitic energy has noticed a little vulnurability in you. Cleanse your home and the space with a cleansing ritual and a banishing ritual like this:

You tried bathing with bathing salt and placing healing energy into it before soaking for a few days, playing 432 hertz fregency music help as you soak to still the mind and you can repeat to yourself words of safety. When I going outside myself and I feel unsafe a chant I am safe for your awareness go, you go as well. I hope this help.

No, you can’t. Please be aware that we have a rule here that prohibits new members from offering ritual, divination, or any sort of energy transfer/manipulation until they have been an active contributor to the community for a minimum of 90 days.

This rule applies to everyone, including Patrons who automatically come in with Regular status.

Sorry forgive me I only wanted to help. It’s not often i can help others without abit of fear. Forgive me.

No worries, man.

Please acquaint yourself with our rules:

I be more mindful in the future thank you for informing me of this.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I heard moving water help clear out negative energy so who not shower and have a container of salt water and rub your skin down as you shower for a little while. Hopefully it helps.dont forget to place healing energy into the salt water container before use, maybe a little cold press coconut oil in it too since salt tend to dry the skin out.

Hi Edan ,

I am so pleased you cared abt my situation I’m truly grateful i will try all these things…thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks i will try it :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

I’m feeling much better now :blush: thanks to Almighty :pray: and to all ppl’s who wish me healing and were concerned about my wellbeing :heart:

had few online healing sessions and things went to normalise again :blush: