Please anybody here help me please humbled request

Hello everyone here

I hope all would be good there, im from Ireland i am writing this request because there’s some serious situation going on with me , 2 nights ago i was attacked by a evil spirit or entity and it started putting heat pressure on all over my body and biting sensation, this has been 2 days now and nightmare is still going on my back and lower bck extreme heating pressure it feels like hot liquid dropped on the body all over and something continuosly pushing me from back I can’t tell you how bad I’m feeling Please could anyone do a check for me to see what is this I’m going through and why is it please :pray::pray: Many blessings.


What makes you think it’s an evil spirit , also you can pray to any Archangel

I could help and try and scan your general area but note I will also scan your mentalscape as well because sometimes it could be a thoughtform/parasite. All I ask for is a bit of time since I’m at work and going to do it on my first break which is pretty soon.



Whenever you are free please do whatever youou could do thanks very much for your response i really appreciate you can msg me asking my personal info if you may need it

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And dear it’s not my thoughts forms it’s very real what I’m going through r ight now

I’m praying but i think i have low vibrations how they can hear my prayer? How can i call.upon for their help

They will hear your prayers regardless of what you do , read some psalms too

Thoughtforms can still make things seem real, but I’m keeping possibilities open as bias and frontload are things I strictly avoid.

Hey, I can try to help too. What were you doing a couple days before? Any Magick or even going to “haunted” places or even anything historical?

Dear have you got my reply

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I’m praying :pray: but also can anyone evoke archangel Raphael for my condition please? I will info name n dob

I see this one.

I just heard Jesus Christ saying: “tell him to call me.”

pray to Jesus then, try it.

Also 2 days ago strang thing happened i received a Moldavite stone from online i bought many many weeks ago i just was touching it maybe it had some attachment which came to me?

Yes sure i am

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I don’t know about entities that may cause this, but regardless of whether the cause is supernatural, you should see a doctor. Entities can cause people to become physically ill, and my instinct is that’s what’s happening here.

It’s important to rule out physical illness first, so please get checked out just in case.

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Dear i was absolutely fine and healthy 2 days ago its just happened suddenly I’m feeling something moving in my body up and dwn and thats im worried that what doctor wil do​:sob::sob:

Anybody here can maybe evocation of demon Marbas please for healing?

Can you exclude a physical cause? Did you change something in your normal habits recently? Diet, sleeping pattern?

Moldavite helps break blockades and encourages you to deal with your problems. Maybe the stone has awakened some problem you have to solve.
Moldavite can be cleansed under flowing water by the way. Cleanse it and then put it into sunlight for a while.


No i didnt change anything i wàs just doing some sigil work for my ex bck and lately i was exploring and writing Lucifer sigil maybe it’s him who controlled me? Please anybody here who is expel in evoking demons or archangel please help me thanks