Playing Violin in graveyard?

Would the spirits like it if I played them a song? Has anyone ever tried this?

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They’re people, they have personal tastes like anybody, you have to ask them.

On the whole, I think it should go down pretty well. Same as if you went busking, only they don’t get a lot of attention and might be more appreciative from that perspective.


Demons love music. Guitar, piano, violin they can manifest themselves better through vibration.


Ooooooh! Come play for me when I die. :kiss::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Not being sarcastic; but I would love for someone to remember I loved beautiful music.

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Thats kinda kinky man, I like that.

Anyways, if you have clair senses opened, direcly ask them, if not, divine this question.

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As someone who has played the violin for many years, in my experience yes - entities and spirits enjoy having music played to them. However this will not be the case for all as, just like humans, they have different tastes and likes.


I sometimes sing for the dead and they seem to enjoy it I sense


Depends on who you’re playing for , that would function as an offering so I’d say yes , but you should always do things like that in private

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