So I read on here that plants have souls, also read things about water as well, not just from here though. That if you project for example hate into it or something, that it will react in some way? (Some experiment with science and water.) I forgot the exact results or what exactly was done but found this very interesting.

Ive heard that plants can be used for cleansing among other things, and this begs the question?

  1. If I have plants in my home/space, do they passively clean/filter the energy as they do the air? I’ve noticed that the plants I have now, seem to give my room and house a vibe to it. So this is fascinating to me.

It’s called “the memory of water”.

Plants are healthy to have around, but it’s a two way street. Studies have shown that plants give classical music thrive, plants played discordant music about hate, wither… they also tent to fail if too close to wifi btw.
They are living beings, and they’ll be able to help you more if you talk to them and take care of them in return instead of just ‘using’ them. If you ask them, they’ll tell you what they need.


Of course I’ll take care of them. I didn’t mean to sound like I was using them. I like nature and animals quite a bit, and care very much for all of nature. I’m just thinking outloud based on what I’ve learned and what makes sense.

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if you search about “gnosis elemental magic” you will see a lot of spells with plant spirits, but you’ll probably see a lot of rhp beliefs that are better to be ignored, focus on the plant spirits

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So water is alive to I’m guessing or something…

That’s gonna make me self conscious for now on.

Yes,I always talk to my plants. And feed them with positive energy. I also tell them their purpose while they’re growing, for example:“you’re gonna keep me healthy, my friend”
My plants always grow well.

I would feed mine with positive energy, but lately I am in no emotional/mental place to do that and would rather not effect them in that manner. I will take care of them and send loving thoughts (avoid emotions because that’s a struggle) their way, and try and communicate.

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