Pictures of Altars


My working altar as promised, though I’m not done cleaning yet. My Grimoire’s holder is also drying from repaint, and I’m burning runes on it after that, so its missing from the picture


That’s beautiful! :heart:


( ° O…° ’ ) mouth watering

Pun aside: thats a nice setup :3


I like it. It has an ancient energy feel to it.


ideas, like living in a rural area
living in villages, tribes, living with traditions of magical kind come to my mind
but also victorian scenes, with a secret society, practicinf beneath the church and hidden in the near by city.

~it tingles me, make me wanna write a story, but idk where to start, and if it makes sense at all.

Should i ask the cards?


Sounds blissful! :+1:


i thought of small churches, build of cobble stones, liked maybe some places in ireland or scottland? women wearing black dresses, with great details and in generell pretty artistic
but the men in grey, brown and dark grey suits and coats.

the other thought was more like a end 1700 beginning of the 19th century type of london, or something as dense populated. ~like to come from the abandoned and more than dirty streets.
the moonlight drawing vivid lines across the wet street.

We get in, no ridiculous top hats, but those melon-type hats. We get in, the coats dirty and heavy, and we enter a perfectionistic clean house.

wine-red carpets and clothes everywhere, and the wallpapers show patterns in all kinds of red and a bit of violet and brown. at the first floor is: a great tining room, with some rather ancient sound recording tech, a few books with light entertainment, great windows and great clocks.

there was also a room for the steward, a room for the staff to rest and eat, and alittle storeroom

EDIT: maybe have i choosen a incorrect time :thinking: …have i chosen at all?

we get upstairs 3 doors at our front and one door to each side. we choose the middle one,
the room is above the dining room, but not as great

chairs, 4 or 5 rows , more red cloth
~maybe a bit strange, but the podium wasn’t at the stage, ( which was in the back of the chairs for this event, the chairs have been twisted to a ritual place, and the alter would look similar to yours. people would stande in a red-brown circle, some candles, but overall not a overwhelming setup, in fact pretty simpistic -like in great contrast to the design of the entire inside of the house.

Since that building is a house at a corner, it alos hat one of those pointed roofs…
idk if that idea stays true to the original vision, but i think… that people of the order would lock you in there… you eather face your self, or you hand yourself. there is allways a rope hanging there


Hear is a photo of my altar so far.


I see that you use a computer monitor as a scrying mirror too.


Yes I do clad that I am not the only one.


STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m missing a few things, and yes, the “dagger” is actually a cheese knife :laughing:


Hear is an up dated photo of my altar.


OKAY now that I have everything I need, here’s the “final” product :smiley:
not everything is lined up correctly and it’s buggin me so bad, but i will fix that some other day :stuck_out_tongue:
but yeah this is the last pic i will post for this altar


Sick. Love it bro


lol thanks! im no dude tho :stuck_out_tongue:


My bad gir lolololol


It is very nice.


Very cool


Do not judge :sweat_smile:
This is my Saint Expedite-Hoodoo Altar. I have also a Hotei Buddha altar and I will create altars dedicated to New Orleans Voodoo which I’m trying to practice these days. Usually this altar also has a Bible, red candles and flowers but I’m not at home and this photo is the only one in my phone.


It’s a beautiful statue :slight_smile: