Pictures of Altars


My altar so far still a work in progress and kind of working with a small area :slight_smile: but thought I should post it. going to do a full consecration ritual tonight for it


Did you carve those pillars? They’re lovely


I didn’t, I plan on making a candle for the center once I figure out what to mix I’m it, but those are just bought at target and a paint pen :slight_smile:


I love the wood piece with stones! Very crafty.


Just a tip for people not wanting others to see their altars (family, room mate, etc), I’ve found that you can purchase a large trunk (you can lock them with a small key, and/or put a metal lock on it as well for added privacy). I have one and store a lot of my infernal objects in it. When I was more secretive about things with my brother, I kept my books in there as well that I didn’t want him to see. He’s fearful of dark things so I just didn’t wanna go there.

If you still live with your parents this will work well! Just tell them you require privacy if they ask what’s in it. They can think it’s sex items lmao


Okay I guess I have to take back what I said about not posting more pictures of my main altar lol oops!
I painted a banner for Tiamat that I hung to the left of the altar and even though the perfectionist in me resents me for sharing an imperfect painting, here it is :laughing:
Planning on making a banner for Lilith, Eisheth Zenunim, et al, to hang to the right of the altar


Hail Odin and Freya


Good advice, though this doesn’t work well with some people. My mom for example seems to intepret “privacy” as “must investigate” This is why my altar room has a lock now that I live in my own house. Plus it keeps drunk revelers from “misplacing” my grimoire and puking on my robes…


So that should be awesome to use that hammer instead of a banishing ritual :grin:


Everyone’s altars look so awesome :heart_eyes: this is mine. It’s kinda empty looking, but I’m hoping to add more stuff to it.



Nice. And very clean and organized.


Thankyou very much:)

I’m liking the setup at the moment. Of course we all have grand plans for our altars. One day I’ll have statues and all that jazz.

But for the moment, this suits me very well.

One of my fav pieces is that I have on the altar is a real crow skull on my Norse Tarot deck:)


It is beautiful! Great altar!


That is a beautiful altar! I love the energy from it.


thank you!!! there’s still much work to be done though, i wanna buy or make a nice altar cloth plus i need incense and more of a variety of candles :sweat_smile:


I really have three altars. Norse, Quimbanda, and Vodou. Most of the stuff on the Norse is either made or decorated by me.



Pretty heathen centric, with a few extra odds and ends.


Into simplicity these days -