Pick a card - Part 1

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

As so many people want a reading and have to wait sometimes, I thought I am trying to do a pick a card reading for you that might help a little.

How it works:

  • Pick a Pile from the photo.
    Don’t take the one you think looks best but the one you feel a connection to.
  • The one on the Left is Pile 1, the one on the right is Pile 5.
  • Go to the reading for the pile you chose. It’s possible that not everything resonates with you as this is a group reading.

Chose a pile:

Please wait until I posted all the readings until you comment.


You seem to be at a point at the moment where you feel the need to take decisions. Whether you want to stay in a current situation or not, especially when it comes to a relationship as it seems to me.

For some of you there will be breakup, others want to get closer. But it’s on you to chose your way.

Getting fire and earth energy, also maybe some water signs.

Some of you might be concerned about an Aries.

You work a lot at the moment. Could be in your job or on something like your relationship or something you want to learn.

Some of you seem to have to deal with other persons but it seems like the connections get weaker and that’s good for your situation.

You have to take lots of decisions at the moment what gives you wonderful possibilities because you have the opportunity to change things for the better.

In love you still have or should have a clear mind to take your decisions carefully.

You seem to feel that something is missing and you search for it. That means, that either you need someone else on your side or you seek for a deeper connection with your partner.

There still seems to be a part in you, that doesn’t want the needed change which makes you feel stressed.

Remember, that the change is a chance for you! Let it happen! Be honest with others and yourself, talk about the things on your mind and how you feel.

You should stick to your passions. Some of you might be mothers or pregnant. Even if the times are hard, lots of you seem to be optimistic, which is great.

Some of you might have to deal with a hurting truth. You should go trough the grief to be able to be happy again. Although it might be hard to realize the truth.

You can be spontaneous, don’t overthink everything too much.

Pile 1, seems like you have to take a lot of decisions and go trough changes in your life that will give you lots of good chances. Don’t be afraid to make the decisions :slight_smile:


Had a vision of a candle burning in a forest. Having the feeling that some of you might search for someone.

Lots of you seem to be in a conflict at the moment. Be aware of people that don’t have good intentions with you or treat you badly. It’s possible, that a hard times lie ahead in terms of this people.

Lots of you just met someone new that you might have feelings for. It seems to be quite fresh and you are still in the process of getting to know each other. Open up a little, but be aware, that you don’t get yourself in an unhealthy relationship.

Getting strong water and also earth energy from you.

Lots of you seem to be very spiritual. You might have had strong dreams in the last time.

I am also getting, that you feel a little lost, because you feel like you‘re going towards unknown situations. But this could also be excitement.

There are people that act behind your backs and lots of you are aware of this.

Some of you seem to be inspiring for others. That’s good, you can lead them a little.

It’s true, that it won’t be easy for you to try the unknown, new things. You might feel a little clumsy or experience delay. But don’t give up.

There seems to be a lot going on in love matters.

Lots of you seem to use magick on their target.

Some of you seem to have trouble with changes, it’s hard to accept them for you.

Some of might get a good opportunity in a job or a love matter and there could be a connection.
Some of you might have fallen in love with a person at work and it’s possible that you are their boss. So it’s hard to keep the authority.

Seems to me like others had some trouble and found a solution - so you feel better now and not so stressed anymore.

There also seems to be some kind of competition between you and the person, but in a good way.

I see new experiences and chances.

Some of you seem to be very passionate.

Show them your good sides. Be yourself and stay the person you are to give something good.

Some of you might have to leave someone or something behind.

Some of you are searching for someone. Maybe a specific person or a person you imagine.

I am getting that you also need some time alone.

For the ones who did magick - think about what you did and what you got from it. It’s working.

I had a vision of a white pigeon so you might find or have to find your inner peace as well.

I am getting hesitation and carefulness - it’s not necessary.

Try to find what you are looking for.

There might be things that will shock you and that you don’t what do except. You can feel peace in religion, tradition or on your spiritual way.

Pile 2 is a lot about searching. For something or someone. Don’t give up, let things happen. Don’t let bad experiences take you down.


You are on a journey.

Some of you seem to live in a happy family and it’s very important for you to keep everything together.

The others seem to have a situation in love, where you need faith and trust. But also be careful, because your mistrust could have a reason.
It’s on you to decide how much trust you can and want to give and which things you don’t want to see or accept.

Strong air energy.

You seem to feel kind of a pressure to take decisions at the moment but you don’t really feel emotional involved (anymore).

You seem to have lost something which causes grief.

Some have doubts and you feel weak, you might want to ask someone for help.

Some of you feel inner strength.

In Love, you or the person of your interest, seem to be kind of tricky. This means that you have to stay calm and don’t let your feelings foul you. A clear mind is needed.

It might not be the right or a good connection. It seems to take a lot from you. A challenge.

For the people with the happy family I am just getting a song about love… so I think and hope you are very happy at the moment. :slight_smile:

Be aware that you don’t forget other responsibilities because you think too much about your life situation. Some of you might also have tried magick but think it didn’t work. Maybe it’s not the right time yet. Get your concentration back first. You seem to have different responsibilities at the moment and that might stress you a little bit. Be aware that they don’t become a burden.

You seem to feel unbalanced at the moment. You might blame other people for it.

It’s also about hesitation. You worry about something and you seem to realize that a challenge lies ahead.

For some of you, there’s the fear or the knowledge of an unfaithful partner involved.

I had a vision of a soccer field.

Some of you want to isolate themselves at the moment to get new energies or work on your topics.

Some of you practice magick and need silence for it.

Pile 3 has a lot going on and nothing’s seems to feel right somehow.

I think you need to take a deep breath and relax a little to start things with fresh energies.

For the person(s) with the happy family, I am very happy :slight_smile:


Someone probably try’s to betray you, so be careful.

You get appreciation for what you did for someone.

You should work or „listen“ on/to your third chakra (Manipura).

I am getting that love doesn’t seem to be the most important thing for you at the moment. When you are in a relationship, you should discuss things honestly.

When you are single, it’s worth waiting because it seems to me like the right person for you will arrive just in the right time.

I had a vision of an old women, standing up from a chair in front of a house, running after you and screaming something.

I am getting fire, earth and wind energies. Aldi seems, like people from all over the world chose this pile.

There seems to be influence from other people on you at the moment.

You might want to let go of something or feel the need to make a step forward,

Something has come to an end for you. As soon you can accept this ending, there will be a new beginning.

An adventure lies ahead, it’s time for you to experience new things.

I heard the word “inventions”.

You should stay calm at the moment. You seem to be very spiritual and have abilities you might don’t even know yet.

All these changes open the way for you towards new chances and opportunities. Whatever is on your mind - it’s not impossible.

Pile 4, you seem to think a lot at the moment. Don’t forget your dreams!


Seems like a lot of you will need some patience on something.

You should also focus on your third chakra.

You will get to know a person in your love-life better.
For some of you it will be because you meet someone new.
For some of you it’s because you want to take the next step and get even closer with your person - an engagement is possible.

Lots of you seem to be very spiritual. You come from different parts of the world. Strong water energy.

Seems to me like you experience a delay in something that you wish to happen.
It’s possible, that you’re trying to escape from something, that could be your destiny.

There seems to be separation for lots of you. It might feel like a real good time ended.
Some of you might have a family or you are a father. You seem to get some messages soon, maybe in a love matter. You seem to feel the need to defend people around you.

Seems like you had a hard time in a love matter but it’s over now. There’s lots of change at the moment and you don’t have to feel the need to control it. Let it happen, you’ll get some good opportunities. You still seem to have doubts.
Take the time you need.

Indeed, you seem to experience lots of change in general in your life at the moment.

It seems like a hard time. This causes doubts and a feeling of weakness. You don’t really want other people to know.
Take it more as a step back then defeat.
You seem to want to be for yourself a lot right now.
Use this time to care for yourself but remember, that it’s also good to have company and that it’s sometimes needed for a change.

The decisions you have to take are giving you the feeling of a lot of responsibility. You can take it, don’t worry.

Pile 5, you seem to have to deal with a lot at the moment. You don’t have to go trough everything alone.


I hope it resonates!
Feedback would be appreciated.

I wish you all the best! :four_leaf_clover:


Pile 5 it was :slight_smile:

Hell to the yeah.

Yes and No. That shit is hard to explain and I seriously have no idea where to start.

Well, the party is def. over at this point.

Oh god, I read that as “you seem to feel the need to delete people around you” and I was like “How do you know?” But gladly I stopped looking for excuses for people around me.




Thank you, that was fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :heart: Overall accurate

I have the familiars deck too, one of my incubi insisted so much that I should buy it and it kept being in every store I visited until I finally bought it, just seeing the box makes me happy, although I only use the Thoth deck nowadays

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Hey again Lunia. I saw this post was very drawn to pile two. From out private conversations and trades I definitely see the connection between those and this reading, wonder if you caught that as well. Either way, great readings as always!

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Interesting. I didn’t think about it yet. But I didn’t know you would see this thread or chose Pile 2 :smile:

I just got on and saw it! Some things resonated with some of the readings you did. It’s a cool synchronicity in my opinion!

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You mean I used the same words? Or the same topic?

Some of the same words, the topic was about love, and the message was similar in some cases. Again it’s a group reading so it’s definitely not in-tuned to me like your other reading was but I just found it to resonate in a similar way.

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I might have to expand my vocabulary :joy:
I am glad it resonated :slight_smile:

Haha, well I’ve chosen pile 2 and everything regarding love was really accurate. Everything else was too (except the job opportunities, I don’t really have a job in the first place), but the things about love really did resonate with me.

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Thank you all for the feedback :revolving_hearts:

Wow. Lots of true… Didn’t expect that :smiley: Yes, i am on a search for something i think unrealistic, but i will keep searching for it i guess until i’ll find it or i will get bored or over it.

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It was an experiment for me. First time I did it. I am happy it resonates for so many of you :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll find what you are searching for :slight_smile:

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