🔮 Pick a Card - Messages from your Soul

Hello :crystal_ball:

Here is another Pick a Card Reading for you.

This time it’s about
Messages from your Soul“

:hibiscus: Feedback is appreciated! :hibiscus:

How it works:

  • Pick a Card from the photo.
    Don’t take the one you think looks best but the one you feel a connection to.
    Take a few deep breaths and concentrate before you decide.
  • Go to the reading for the pile you chose. It’s possible that not everything resonates with you as this is a group reading.

Please wait until I posted all the readings for the piles before you comment.


Pile 1

You need patience. There seems to be something you are waiting for but you shouldn’t be so concerned or worried about it.

Use the time it takes to have some fun, look deep inside of you and do the things you want to to, in a playful way. Act as if you already got what you want and what you’re waiting for.

Also don’t forget your finances. If you care about them wisely, there could be unexpected gifts.

You seem to be in love with a woman or you are a woman strongly in love. Don’t overthink this. Let it happen and don’t rush.

You should go an easy way, everything will be alright.


Pile 2

Seems like you want to attract something into your life.

Lots of you probably try to attract their soul mate.

There is an energy of envy around you.

Your soul wants you to know, that you will receive something good als long as you are open to receive it.

You are worthy, don’t doubt it.

You have to imagine what you want and believe in it to happen. Allow yourself to dream and don’t think it’s impossible.

You have to be clear about what you want and decide what you wish and want in your life. When you’re sure about that, it can - and probably will - happen.

Be careful, that your boundaries will be healthy (that’s why you are looking for soul mates probably).


Pile 3

You have to believe in your potential. Don’t settle to the things you have, know, that there could be more.

Make your dreams real and remember, that nothing you did was wasted or for nothing.

You need some time to forget the stress and have some happy moments. Let out your energies - celebrate what you got so far and be happy about the things which are about to come. Allow yourself to be confident before you take the next step.

Don’t forget the in-between, the things we might not see sometimes.

There are energies of envy and anxiety, you are searching for value, whether in money or personal.

Some of you met a special person. This could be true love. If you get to know each other better, you will feel it.


Pile 4

You need some peace and time for yourself. Meditation could be helpful to calm your mind and soul.

There is energy of appreciation on one hand and some kind of hostilities on the other hand.

Try to work things out or leave them behind for getting your inner peace.

Seems like you‘re practicing a lot of magick. Trust in yourself and your magick and you will get wonderful results.

When you notice that it works, take another step - the potential can be unlimited.

Know your worth and use your intuition. Divination tools could help you as well.

Your mind and your intuition are very important at your moment, use them wisely.

Get to know the people around you better to know who’s good for you.

Your soul wants you to call in your soul mate. By enjoying your life, you attract good people into your life.


I hope it resonates.

This time, I didn’t do a really deep reading on situations, I just tried to get some helpful messages for you and your situations.

I wish you all the best :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you for this. I needed these words.

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Thank you :hugs:

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Thank you

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Wow this is spot on!


Predicted well with my pick. Thank you.

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Resonated with me perfectly.
Thank you.

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Do you think It’s possible to feel connected to more than one pile? For example I had a decently strong pull to pile 3 yet I also felt somewhat drawn to pile 4. More so pile 3 but I was still wondering

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Thank you !
I was drawn towards 1 and 2.
Read those two and the messages go together in a spot on way I gotta say. Nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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When I do the readings I try to connect to the people who will chose these piles.
So, yes, it is possible that you feel connected to two decks - but I would always rely more on the one you feel the deeper connection to.

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I am going to copy your format.

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Okay yeah I feel that too! Thank you!

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Felt four very heavy and it was accurate af ty


I choose the first one and it does resonate for a few of my situations. Thanks for sharing💕

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Yes, it did resonate. Not only that but I checked the other three piles and they didn’t resonate nearly as well. So good job, you and I suppose me too :joy:

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