Physical evocation vs. Meditative evocation

I’ve been evoking through meditation for the past week now(except for Dra’talon, that was physical) and I’ve noticed some key differences between physical evocation and (astral?) meditative evocation…

Physical evocation
I’ve noticed a blurring between the lines of reality and an almost drug-like dissociative effect in powerful evocations as well as a humming sound in a room host to consecutive workings… the after effects are (for me) is like one of the most controlled manic states you could ever imagine. pure power/euphoria… but I’ve also noticed it is dependent on the tools to a certain extent… decreasing the number of candles seems to decrease the effect and using no candles creates even less of a drug like effect. but you still have some drug like after effects most of the time.

Meditative evocation
Much less draining and borders on astral projection… the sensation is focused in your “other body”(and this is coming from a guy who can’t project for shit)… while I don’t physically see the entities in my physical evocations, mental ones are much more face to face, complete with things like body language… while it’s not dependent on physical tools it is somewhat dependent on your ability to project, and I’ve noticed from using this method my awareness slowly transfers from my physical body to my etheric one, essentially teaching me to project. while the after effects aren’t as “drug-like” that after effect is a more calm sense of “Knowing” like the path before you has been forged…

so my advice?
give meditative evocation a try, especially if you suck at projection, you’ll find your physical evocation is enhanced by the experience. Plus you want to be prepared for a situation where you can’t physically evoke.

whenever possible physically evoke, as this seems to have a much more palpable effect, blurring the lines between the worlds… while the end result is the same for both, consecutive physical evocations slowly collides the two worlds into one, whereas meditative evocation simply strengthens the etheric body


Most effective for me have been the meditative ones, in the sense of “seeing” an Spirit during a ritual. In the physical ones, it’s something like a “walkie talkie” session, I call him/her with my ritual send my message, finish my transmission and days after he/she send me his/her transmission through 3rd parties in the form of a wink that I “catch”

Hi icarus,
I found your post very interesting. Im still learning about evocation, and id really appreciate if you could explain the difference between physical evocation and meditative… Thanks!

Hello- good insights and development. I hesitated making this comment before as it seemed you were sharing rather than questioning, but just my 2cents: working on the “path” of physical evoking and “doing” phy-evoking might be different in the sense that Physical-Evoking should be something Concrete in the room and thus visible (to whatever degree)

… of course it is a process (thus my terming the “path” of ie working on it, itself develops until one actually does). I know many occult authors seem to have a loose concept of what phy-evoking is, but I agree with EA’s comment (I can’t speak for his intention/meaning by it) that Physical is Physical… so if it hasn’t locked in yet it is still in process (thus some instability in its manifestation, and the druglike affects - like not fully clicking from one mode to another, both modes are solid but between rattles&vibs.) So phy-evoking where the Contact and Communing between you and Entity is still indirect.
And the Meditative evoking as well as “walkie talkie” sessions (I like that phrasing), I believe are part of the process towards Phy-evoking… in EA’s steps/process (Spirit comm, sigil magick, substantial contact, working system- the 3 states of transfig… going There also the same steps backing out to Here.
[funny writing the above the 'static rain" is a dancing white misty-haze around me, and my ears ring-drone, and I sense 2 rooms- just at the computer, where I’m at phy & a space in the Other. Perhaps just thinking of the concept to write this triggered it- as well as perhaps why I thought to add it, as this seems a diversion from the idea on this thread- I hope it adds something. ]