I Need Your Help (Deep Diving)

I am planning on deep driving the forum. I need your help with ideas on what to look like the ‘ex love spells’ on the most asked for searches. Or you would like me to look for you just leave me your ideas.

I think the search function sucks ass. I will be going through each section with a fine tooth comb. It will take me a couple of weeks.


I think a grand collection of all spirit names and sigils whether commonly known or unique to this forums members in an organized list would be good. Especially for when someone gets the name of an obscure spirit and knows how it sounds but doesn’t know how it is spelled. They could look through that list for the names that match the pronunciation or find names attached to sigils in the event they got a sigil and not a name.

I think it would be good to also make people notice more obscure spirits that they aren’t likely to find anywhere else recorded so they aren’t buried into obscurity.


This would be extremely helpful and weed out the trolls, especially if said thread is included in Eva’s welcome message.

The search thingy sucks. I am doing this for the entire forum and any future forum members too.

lol it can be tough to navigate for sure and time consuming. I’ve used the search feature :mag: many times and come up with zilch. Start checking threads only to find peeps that don’t know anything about the topic at hand but feel the need to reply, an argument about who’s dick is bigger derailing the thread or someone who’s just as lazy as the OP suggesting to use the search feature and doesn’t leave anything meaningful.

Good luck in your quest!

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Sorry dude. It’s hard for me to not talk about my schlong sometimes. It’s a big part of me.



Thanks for the non-help my dude. I don’t know what is your problem? Or did I misread what you wrote?

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I don’t think @CosmicEnergy meant you, but the numerous threads of ‘I need a love spell now please’ OPs.


Good morning @Purple,

I like your idea of what you’re planning to do and support your endeavour. Not an easy task at all and I appreciate your efforts to collect information for all to find with relative ease.

The quote you cherry picked from me is just something that I’ve personally come across when I’ve been using the search feature looking for some info. That wasn’t directed at you or anyone in particular. I use the :mag: and only find threads with someone suggesting to use the :mag: ending my search with dead ends and frustration.

So back to the original subject matter of your post (to try and be helpful). If I may, I’d like to suggest a Thread containing links of @C.Kendall posts of rituals, meditations etc. There’s some real :gem: ‘s in there.

In any event have a wonderful day! :blush:


It’s said that the Gods themselves are envious and Goddesses blush of said package so I don’t blame you! :eggplant::eyes::blush:

Really? They said that? It is pretty big.

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This is still on my to do list. Please send me your ideas or p.m. me, thanks.

I used the search function for something recently. I clicked the only thread that looked helpful and it was someone asking and someone responding “you should just use the search function - here’s a helpful link” so i followed that link and that was to a thread that was someone asking a question and someone responded “you should use the search function - here’s a helpful link” and it went to a thread that was somewhat helpful but didn’t completely answer my question (for the record I don’t even remember what that question actually was)

Sometimes you’ll get better results using google and then finding google results that come from here


True. You have to know which member to look under sometimes to find what you are looking for. I honestly just go to Youtube for my own private shit I do. I don’t work with other gods or demons in the same way most people do here.

Its still a great place for other people to learn from and I still pick up different info too.

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You could always repost the same question that has been posted thousands of times. What is the worst that could happen? Some old forum veteran telling your what a noob you are, how you are wasting time and should use the search function. If an old thread has relevance to a new post and I know about it, I might just reply to the new thread with a link to the old one.

Also, sometimes I just read a lot of the threads on here for fun, even if they don’t really have relevance to the stuff I am doing right now. Honestly, I think I will probably just have to go waste some spirits time with my newbie questions again.

The search function is not thaaat bad. It’s just a bit broken, you have to be specific and you can only use nouns and verbs, otherwise it messes up the search.

I suggest you start searching certain basic terms (like evocation, invocation, visualization, meditation, chakra work, energy work, spirit’s name experience, spirit’s name work, spirit’s name working) and then limiting it by year and category.
This forum exists since 2012, but one could only view it after registering, so it wasn’t as cluttered with redundant/repetitive threads as it is now. According to Lady Eva, only in 2017 that it was possible to view it without registering.

This is what I found when I searched for “evocation” and limited it to show threads posted before August 2013 in the Spirits, Evocation and Possession category:

Search link.

This is what I found when I searched for “visualization” and limited it to show threads posted before January 2015 in the General Discussion category:

Search link.

Do not sort it by “latest post” or “latest topic”, leave it as by “Relevance”. If you change it, some results may disappear…

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I think it works pretty good, I just have to mess with the options function in my searches to find specific stuff.